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Vegan Mosquitoes, The Ruckus Habit, and Ninkasi orchestrated a night of rock ‘n’ roll excitement, beckoning us with their irresistible invitation. Eager for a dose of rock, we headed to the BUMS Blackbird live stage that evening. With anticipation in the air, the three Greek bands had something special in store for us!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Arriving early at the intimate underground venue, we had the opportunity to admire the charming wall paintings adorning the space. BUMS Blackbird’s stage played host to Ninkasi as the opening act. Fronted by the dynamic vocalist Lina, Ninkasi’s performance was explosive! Their music reverberated loudly, filled with compelling passion and raw live energy that captivated the audience. Lina’s commanding stage presence and remarkable vocal delivery left a strong impression. We were swept away by their blend of grunge, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll, aptly dubbed “grunge n’ roll”. Ninkasi’s electrifying gig ignited the enthusiasm of the fans and ensured an evening of rock entertainment.

Next up, The Ruckus Habit burst onto the stage with an undeniable fervor. From the very beginning, this Greek ensemble unleashed a torrent of passion, radiating boundless energy that electrified the atmosphere. Their live set was extraordinary, characterized by an impressive stage presence and a relentless delivery. The vocals possessed a unique quality and harmonized seamlessly with the music, resulting in a commendable final product. It was evident that The Ruckus Habit embraced an indie, alternative rock style, evident in their powerful sound, impeccable musicianship and dynamic stage presence. My inaugural experience with The Ruckus Habit and their music was immersive, leaving both myself and fellow attendees enraptured by the band’s show at BUMS Blackbird.

Following The Ruckus Habit, Vegan Mosquitoes took to the stage to an eruption of applause from the audience. The Greek alternative rock group enchanted the fans with their bright melodies, thoroughly pleasing and satisfying us. Vegan Mosquitoes’ musical identity revolves around their song-oriented approach, characterized by heavy guitar riffs, a cohesive rhythm section and the sweet, dynamic vocals of Martina. The juxtaposition of sharp guitar phrasing against the mellow vocal lines lies at the heart of Vegan Mosquitoes’ artistic vision, mesmerizing and thrilling listeners as they showcased some of their finest compositions. The climax of their set arrived with a magnificent heavy, doomy composition that held the audience spellbound. In summary, Vegan Mosquitoes gave a beautifully executed performance that transported us into their world, leaving us yearning for more despite the allotted time. Nonetheless, it was an exceptional show by a charismatic band.

Leaving the exhilarating live concert of Vegan Mosquitoes, The Ruckus Habit and Ninkasi behind, we made our way home with beaming smiles adorning our faces. This singular rock event surpassed all expectations, fulfilling us thoroughly!

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