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May 30th, 2024, was a momentous day for Rammstein fans in Greece. The legendary German band was set to perform at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, and that alone drew us all to OAKA, regardless of whether we had seen Rammstein in Greece before or not. For me, it was my first time experiencing Rammstein live, so you can imagine the excitement and anticipation I felt leading up to this concert. Let’s dive into the details of this incredible event!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Upon our arrival, the Olympic Stadium was rapidly filling with rock fans. We secured our spot in the Feuerzone and were immediately struck by the massive, industrial stage setup—an imposing sight, ready for the evening’s main event. As dusk approached, the support act took the stage. Abélard, a duo of young women, each played the piano and sang acoustic versions of Rammstein songs. Their beautiful interpretations of these tracks were well-received, perfectly setting the mood and serving as the calm before the storm. We applauded the duo and eagerly counted down the minutes until the headliners appeared.

We didn’t have to wait long. The German stars were punctual, making a dramatic entrance onto the stage via elevator, and the show began in earnest! The sound was powerful, clear and tight, the lights were intricate and multi-layered, and the band was simply phenomenal. Rammstein delivered a passionate and visionary performance, exuding the aura of true superstars. They played all their great anthems, spanning from their debut album to their latest release, “Zeit”. Unsurprisingly, “Du Hast” ignited the crowd, turning the stadium into a sea of energy.

The highlight of the concert was undoubtedly the pyrotechnics. Till Lindeman lit up the stage with fire, and the pyros were relentless, accompanying nearly every track. “Mein Teil” and “Puppe” featured particularly impressive theatrics, while other surprises included the LED stickmen outfits in “Deutschland”, the phallic cannon spraying the crowd with soap and water in “Pussy” and the turbines showering us with pieces of paper.

Rammstein also performed on a B-stage in the arena for an acoustic rendition of “Engel”, returning to the main stage in small boats. They utilized gunfire effects, wore extravagant costumes and delivered a relentless, high-energy performance without any breaks for talking between songs. It was the best, biggest, and hottest show I have ever seen, undoubtedly one of the largest concert productions in the history of live music.

Rammstein played flawlessly amidst flames, smoke and thousands of lights. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and it seemed that the band also had a great time with their Greek fans. Everything went perfectly, though I have one minor complaint—they didn’t play “Feuer Frei”. However, this was a minor omission in an otherwise extraordinary performance. As the concert came to a glorious end, Rammstein triumphantly left the stage the same way they arrived—via elevator!

The summer season kicked off with a spectacular live show. Rammstein delivered a godlike performance that was truly awe-inspiring, leaving us thoroughly satisfied. This was a historic moment in Greece’s rock scene that we will never forget.

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