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Our destination was once again the historic An Club in Exarcheia, Athens, where we were set to witness performances by three renowned Greek bands: Sebia, Hidden in the Basement, and Void Droid. It was my third time seeing Sebia, but my first encounter with the other two bands. Let’s delve into the events of that Friday night!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

The first band on the bill was Sebia, a charismatic hard rock/metal group whose outstanding debut album, “Acceptance of Reality”, still resonated with me. The band took the stage with confidence and passion, launching into their set with fury. Their performance was exceptional, showcasing all their signature elements and delighting the crowd that had begun to fill An Club. Leonidas Perifanis was, once again, highly theatrical, leading the band and singing beautifully, while the other members crafted elegant, heavy, and sophisticated sonic layers. Sebia were at their best, as evidenced by the entire outcome of their set: the fans were thrilled with a band that played with finesse and connected deeply with their audience.

Next, Hidden in the Basement stormed the stage and set everything on fire! The stoner/heavy rock band from Larisa was incredibly energetic and dynamic, tearing everything apart with their electrifying performance. They came to Athens and conquered us all with a tremendous show. Hidden in the Basement delivered a fantastic performance, with perfect sound and flawless playing. I was unfamiliar with their music before, but I am now a devoted fan, and I’m certain many other attendees felt the same. They burned the place to the ground with their stoner/heavy rock rhythms, huge riffs, and catchy vocal lines. Hidden in the Basement have captured the essence of rock ‘n’ roll—they play loud, know no restrictions, and are driven by pure passion. They gave us an unbelievable dose of great stoner/heavy rock music!

The third band and headliners of the night were Void Droid. This was another band I had not yet encountered, which, in hindsight, was a mistake, as they proved to be a very interesting and high-quality act. They took the stage with confidence, guiding us through a stoner/heavy rock journey that was simply fantastic. I enjoyed all the songs they chose to play, appreciating the emotion they infused into every note and their sweet artistry. Having seen them live, I can confidently say that Void Droid is not just another stoner band—they stand out with their unique character and signature sound. They deliver big melodies and strong riffs, their lyrics are meaningful, and their stage performance is compelling. Singer and guitarist Andreas serves as the undeniable link between the band and the fans, with Void Droid’s rhythm section providing the perfect foundation for Andreas’s magic. The fans were thrilled with Void Droid’s masterful performance, and the night concluded nicely.

Days after this superb event, the brilliance of Sebia, the sonic onslaught of Hidden in the Basement, and the stoner/heavy rock gusto of Void Droid remain unforgettable. We will remember this night for a long time!

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