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After touring across Europe for the past months as the supporting act for Suicidal Angels, Crimson Fire concluded their European Dimension Tour 2024 with a spectacular finale in Athens, Greece. This Final Dimension show took place at Temple, featuring special guests Junkwolvz and Typhus. The 27th of April marked an extraordinary night for Greek metal fans. Let’s see what happened in detail!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Junkwolvz, a Greek band formed in 2017, brings a heavy rock ‘n’ roll character to the stage, seamlessly blending elements of heavy metal, hard rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and punk rock into their loud and wild performances. Watching this band live for the first time was a revelation; their decibel levels and gritty rock style were astounding. Despite their young age, Junkwolvz deliver a thunderous sound and truly know how to rock ‘n’ roll. Their performance was electrifying, sending the fans into a frenzy and ensuring that both the band and the audience had an unforgettable time.

Following Junkwolvz, Typhus took the stage, turning the night into a small thrash metal party. Having seen Typhus live before, I knew what to expect—first-class speed/thrash metal from a band with tremendous potential, as evident in their songs and live energy. Despite encountering issues with the vocalist’s microphone, nothing could dampen their spirits. They delivered a furious and relentless performance, playing at full speed and thrilling the fans with their thrash metal onslaught. This charismatic band once again proved their skills, leaving the audience thoroughly exhilarated.

As time passed, the anticipation in the crowd grew for Crimson Fire to take the stage. A few minutes after Typhus finished their set, the atmosphere exploded with cheers and shouts as Crimson Fire appeared. The ’80s dance intro perfectly set the tone for this melodic metal band, who launched into their performance at full throttle. The air was charged with energy, and the band’s sound reflected their extensive experience from their recent European tour. Crimson Fire played with ease, delivering a perfect sound and passionate performance, blending metal and melody seamlessly. I adore Crimson Fire’s tracks, such as “Judas,” “Fire Below” and “Metal is Back” and hearing them live was a truly phenomenal moment. John Britsas captivated with his superb voice, Dinos Ganitis excelled on bass and commanded the stage, while Stelios and Nikos showcased their guitar talent, and the drumming was simply otherworldly. Once again, Crimson Fire performed amazingly, providing immense enjoyment and making the night a jolly feast. It was a singular live event, a perfect teaser ahead of the band’s next release.

We witnessed a compelling live show where the bands gave their all, and the fans lived it to the fullest. This is what a metal show should be! I am already eagerly anticipating the next moves from Junkwolvz, Typhus and Crimson Fire!

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