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The last days many concerts with a philanthropic purpose are organized, since the distinguished producer David Prudent, owner of Made in Hell Studio in Athens, Greece, is facing a serious health issue and must undergo a surgery. So, several bands are playing live shows in order to gather money for David.

This past Friday, on the 16th of February, 2024, An club welcomed six Greek bands and a lot of people attended their concert for the aforementioned purpose. Myth of Rock was there and right below you can read what happened that evening.

The first band to play was Primal Roots. Due to line-up changes, this was the first live show of Primal Roots as a four-piece band. Primal Roots played in their classic metal style, which combines also progressive, thrash metal and nu metal elements. They were confident, they were furious and they managed to warm-up the audience. An club wasn’t full, but the fans, who had already come, liked Primal Roots songs, which sounded interesting – of course, I liked the female vocals and the guitar parts. The highlight of their set was the amazing cover to “Toxicity” of System of A Down.

Then, the second band to play was Kokkinia. This was my first encounter with the band from Nikaia, and for sure it won’t be the last, as I liked their style and their stuff a lot. It is difficult to define their music, I would say that they play a kind of heavy/doom rock with psychedelic/post rock touches. Anyway, they had a nice sound and performed with passion and conviction. I want to make a mention to the singer, who was “living” every word he sung and helped the fans seize Kokkinia’s personal sonic message. I have already checked the band’s debut album, “The Last Are Lost From The List”, and I am looking forward for their new music endeavors!

Third in the billing were Grip On Reality, a band from Athens, formed in 2016, which has released one album, “Orpheus 3361” in 2023. They have their own compositions, where doom metal is fused with post, progressive and alternative influences, however, I must say that I didn’t like what I heard. In the beginning they attracted my attention, but as they played on, I was a bit lost in their blurry sound and perplexed song ideas. Moreover, they have to work more on their vocal melodies and their song structures. It was evident that they have things to offer musically, yet they must find the right way to present their inspiration.

Grip On Reality passed the baton to Degenerate Mind, a band I had enjoyed as a support act for Pain. Well, Degenerate Mind really took us by storm. I know the band’s modern heavy metal sound, but the guys have matured and progressed so much! Their electrifying energy and raw power shocked the audience, their show was a blast – no exaggeration here, my friends! It was like a new dimension was given to their fine songs – in my opinion, Degenerate Mind have improved because of their experience. Yes, everything was better in their set, in comparison to their previous live show! The vocals, the guitars, the groove! I am sure that Degenerate Mind will surprise us even more in the near future. For me, one of the best bands Greece has to export!

And finally, Rollin’ Dice hit the stage. I had heard that they are good band, but I didn’t know how much good they are. They are gorgeous! We are talking about three musicians, who build a strong, huge wall of sound, we are talking about a power trio, so relentless, so merciless, so dynamic and wild! They are the essence of the hard rock band, no more, no less! Their compositions are loud, dirty and are just like the roar of a lion! Rollin’ Dice’s energy is a phenomenon, their guitar parts are elaborate, their vocals are so convincing! All the fans had a great time with Rollin’ Dice, who travelled us back to the late 60s and the 70s. Their material is an incredible time machine, their hard rock shook us like an earthquake. Congratulations to these guys, who ended their set with an AMAZING cover of “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles. Bravo!

Some minutes after twelve o’ clock we took our way home, super satisfied with what took place at this small philanthropic metal festival. It is important that such events are organized, it is important to support the local heroes!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

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