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In the gloomy ruins of doom metal, Bell Witch are among the few bands, which evoke profound introspection, raw emotion and haunting atmospheres. As the band is playing live in Greece on the 9th (Thessaloniki), 10th (Athens) and 11th (Larissa) of May, 2024, Myth of Rock is listening to the eerie echoes of this charismatic band.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Emerging from the dark depths of Seattle, Washington, in 2010, the duo of Dylan Desmond and Adrian Guerra laid the groundwork for a sonic journey that transcends simple musical composition. With each release, they weave narratives of sorrow, loss and existential contemplation, carving a unique niche in the realm of doom music.

Bell Witch’s genesis was marked by the absence of a lead guitarist, a departure from the traditional setup of metal bands. Instead, Desmond’s bass guitar and Guerra’s drums formed the core of their sound, augmented by ethereal vocals and shadowy melodies. Their 2011 four-track demo drew attention from small record labels and set the stage for their debut studio albums, “Longing” (2012) and “Four Phantoms” (2015), out via Profound Lore Records. Tragedy struck in 2016 with the untimely passing of co-founding member Adrian Guerra, casting a shroud of grief over the band and its burgeoning fan base. Yet, from sorrow and despair emerged “Mirror Reaper” (2017, Profound Lore), a monumental opus that stands as a tribute to Guerra and a sign of Bell Witch’s artistic evolution. Clocking in at a staggering 84 minutes and comprising one song, the album is a sonic odyssey that defies conventional song structures, inviting listeners into a mesmerizing labyrinth of sound.

What sets Bell Witch apart is their ability to evoke strong emotional responses through their music. Guerra’s posthumous vocals on “Mirror Reaper” recorded during the “Four Phantoms” sessions, add a poignant layer of introspection to the album’s melodies. The result is a sonic tapestry that takes us a cathartic journey of self-discovery.

In their quest for sonic exploration, Bell Witch continued to push the boundaries of doom metal with their fourth album, “Stygian Bough Volume 1” (2020, Profound Lore). Collaborating with Erik Moggridge of Aerial Ruin, the band delved into the era of darkness and decay, crafting an immersive experience that resonates with listeners. With the announcement of their latest endeavor, “Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate” (2023, Profound Lore), Bell Witch embark on a new chapter in their musical odyssey. Part of a trilogy, this ambitious project promises to further expand the band’s sonic palette, inviting listeners on a journey through consciousness and beyond.

As they continue to chart their course through the murky waters of doom metal, Bell Witch stand as luminaries in their genre. With each album, they reaffirm their status as masters of sonic alchemy, transmuting pain and sorrow into haunting melodies. As the shadows lengthen, one thing remains clear: the voyage of Bell Witch is far from over, and the mysteries that lie ahead are boundless.

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