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Induction ignite the metal world with new single and video “Medusa”.

shooting stars Induction present their new single Medusa, released together with an eye-catching music video. “Medusa” not only represents a highlight in the band’s emerging career, but also marks a turning point where raw emotion meets electrifying energy. “Medusa” will captivate both music lovers looking for intensity and those seeking to get lost in the groove.

Tim Kanoa Hansen, the creative mastermind behind Induction, shares his vision for the single: “With ‘Medusa’ we are back at a place where raw emotion meets electrifying energy. I welcome all of you to experience this track the way I did the first time when it was just an idea, when It was still something I had to manifest into reality before I could fully appreciate it. Now it’s here and tangible, for all of you to enjoy and listen to. Whether you’re a music enthusiast craving something with substance or ready to get lost in the rhythm, ‘Medusa’ invites you to unleash your inner strength and vulnerability. Listen now and give in to the intoxicating bite of ‘Medusa’, until you can’t stop listening anymore”.

“Medusa” seamlessly continues the success of the previous album, which achieved way more than over a million streams. The additional guest solo by Kasperi Heikkinen (Beast In Black & Merging Flare) adds another distinctive touch to the already stellar song. The band will soon be heading to Japan, where they will share the stage with the legendary band Gamma Ray and will perform the new song live for the first time.

Experience the intoxicating force of “Medusa”: powerful vocals, hypnotizing guitar solos and thunderous rhythms that will mesmerize you. Available now on all platforms – a must for every fan: https://induction.rpm.link/medusaPR

About Induction:
Induction is known for their vibrant and dynamic power metal compositions with symphonic influences. The international line-up brings a fresh energy to the metal scene and is ready to conquer the world. With “Medusa” the band continues their journey to inspire fans worldwide with their powerful and emotive music.

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