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On the 8th of June, 2024, our destination was Ilion Plus, in Athens, where a dystopia would occur – Deep Dive, Halfpace and Black Mountain Journey were scheduled to play live and present their material! It was a call for all heavy music lovers to gather and experience these three bands – Myth of Rock accepted the kind invitation and attended this interesting live show.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Everything started with Black Mountain Journey, a newcomer band, which, from the very first to the last note, showed us how much they like hard rock and heavy metal! They played some covers and some own songs, and managed to warm up the – not so many – fans, who had already come to the venue. I liked their passion, the way they treated the original songs (they gave their touch to classic songs) and their songs, which sounded really intriguing! Especially, the vocalist, despite his young age, presented his vocal talent – I am sure he will feel much more comfortable in the future!

And then Halfpace took the stage of Ilion Plus. My second time to experience the hard/heavy rock onslaught of the guys, Halfpace sounded even tighter, mature and focused! Connected by the bond of their love for heavy music, the four musicians played furiously, showing how much devoted they are to their music and their goal. I really enjoyed their crushing guitar riffs and solos, the vocals were to the point and emotional and the rhythm section was a heavy anvil in free fall! You can tell by their fine sound and progression that this band is very likely to have success in the following years! Shall they continue to work hard, Halfpace will conquer the scene!

The third band of the night was Deep Dive, the band that was responsible for the dystopia that fell on Athens! From the outset, I was impressed by the headliners. Their image and stage position was the first good impression, then I liked very much that they had a woman behind the keyboards and of course, their music sounded outstanding! It was my first time to see Deep Dive live and surely not the last, as I liked their songs, their music style and their conviction. They were so confident and professional in what they were doing, and that was passed on the fans. Some technical problems didn’t let the band and the attendees down and the pause was soon forgotten as the show went on. Deep Dive is a charismatic band, many fans already know it and the show was very successful. I am sure that, if I knew the lyrics of the songs, I would be even more excited with Deep Dive. After this fantastic live set, I am surely going to buy their latest release!

Having dived deeply in the music of Black Mountain Journey, Halfpace and Deep Dive, we were exhausted and took our way home. That live event was a blast and I am looking forward to listening to the bands’ music more thoroughly.

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