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Privacy Policy

  1. General
  2. The owner of MYTHOFROCK.GR (“We” or “Us” or “Our”) understands and shares Your interest in Your privacy. Please read the following to learn more about Our privacy policy, and how it applies to the collection and use of Personal Information gathered when You (“You”, “Your” or “User”) visit and use the MYTHOFROCK.GR web site (“Site”).
  3. Except as specifically stated otherwise, this Privacy Policy applies to Our Site and is not applicable to other web sites or to the practices of other third party services that You may choose to access from or through Our Site. More generally, this policy does not apply to the practices of companies that We do not own and control. The privacy practices of independent third parties that are linked to on Our Site or that You arrive at by clicking on a third party ad placed on Our Site are not governed by this privacy policy. We recommend that You review the privacy policies of the owners and operators of any such third parties at their web sites.
  4. By Your use of this Site and/or by Your submitting any Personal Data (“Personal Data”) or Personal Information (“Personal Information”),You expressly consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If You don’t agree with any of these terms, please stop using the Site. From time to time, Our Privacy Policy may be updated and, when it is, We will change the “Last Updated” date above and post the changes to this page. By visiting and using the Site after an update, You agree to abide by the Privacy Policy that is in existence at the time of Your visit. By visiting and using the Site after an update, You signify that You have read the updated policy, understand its meaning and that You agree to be bound by the updated terms, as well as Our Terms Of Service, so please check these Privacy Policy pages from time to time.
  5. Not Targeting Children. This Site is not intended for children and We do not target children as Our audience. We currently do not knowingly collect, use, share or sell Personal Information regarding children younger than 13 years old without verified parental or guardian consent. Otherwise, if You are under 13 years old, please do not send Us any Personal Information and please discontinue any use of this Site immediately. If You are the parent or guardian of a child under 13 years old and have any knowledge that We are holding unauthorized Personal Information about a child under 13 years old, please contact Us promptly at dzaxmetal@yahoo.gr and put the words “Child Privacy” in the subject line. We will take commercially reasonable steps to delete any Personal Information about children under 13 years old if We do not have verifiable written consent from their parent or guardian, if We should find out about it.
  6. International Data Transfers: Our Site is located in the Germany. For visitors accessing the Site from outside Germany, information collected about You while You visit the Site may be transferred and processed outside Your country of access and such transfer may include transfer to Germany. We cannot guaranty that the laws of the country of processing including, among others, Germany, offer the same level of data protection as those considered adequate or applicable in the country where the Personal Data is collected and may be less strict. By using Our Site You expressly consent that Your information may be processed or otherwise utilized and transferred outside Your country of access, such as in Germany.
  7. Purpose of this Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, We describe information that may be collected at the Site either by us, Our Analytics Data Processors and other Service Providers and/or by third parties like social media platforms and other third parties whose media is embedded in the Site when You visit and interact with Our Site. Some of this information includes Personal Data and Personal Information that is voluntarily provided by you, as well as information that is collected and analyzed when You visit and interact with Our Site either from Your computer or mobile device browser.

For Site visitors who are identified or identifiable living natural persons in the EU/EEA and who are considered Data Subjects entitled to the protection of the GDPR regarding their use of this Site as of the date of this Policy, the phrase “Personal Data” refers to information that may be used, alone or in combination with other information, to facilitate identifying an identified or identifiable living natural person in the EU/EEA. Personal Data does not include information that is merely aggregated or otherwise cannot be reasonably combined to identify or be reasonably linked to You.

We also describe why we, Our third-party Service Providers, advertisers, linked social media platforms and providers of embedded media may collect Personal Data or Personal Information, how We store and share the information We collect and Your rights concerning some categories of Personal Data collected by us. With respect to Personal Data collected by Our third-party Data Processor Analytics Service Provider, the Site owner may be considered the Data Controller under pertinent law. A Data Controller is the individual or entity that decides how and why to process certain Personal Data.

In the Cookie Policy section of this Privacy Policy, We discuss cookies that may be placed on Our Site, certain steps You may choose to take regarding cookies collected by third party analytics and advertising Service Providers, as well as other third parties that may collect Personal Data or other Personal Information when You visit and interact with the Site and view or click on third party ads or click links on Our Site to third party web sites that are not controlled or served by us.

  1. Personal Data Collected
  2. Personal Data You Voluntarily Provide

You do not have to log in or otherwise proactively identify yourself to simply view Our Site but certain Personal Data/Personal Information about You is collected or may be displayed on the Site when You voluntarily provide it, such as when You contact Us by email or similar means to submit news with a request for credit on the Site or otherwise or when You use a social media plugin to make and display comments on news stories, reviews, interviews, reports, articles etc.  that are posted on the Site. Any information We collect from You in this way is made voluntarily by You and is with Your consent.

When You voluntarily submit comments on news stories, reviews, interviews, reports, articles etc. by means of the Facebook® social plugin used by the Site once You are logged into an active Facebook® account, certain Personal Information about You that You provide, such as Your Facebook® screen name or name or profile picture will be visible to other Site visitors as well as to Us. For further information on privacy issues concerning the Facebook social plug in, please visit https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/your-info-on-other#socialplugin.

Should You choose to follow Our Instagram page, We can see You as a follower of MYTHOFROCK.GR. By signing up to use the Instagram service, You are agreeing to be bound by Instagram’s terms of service and Instagram’s privacy policies, which are separate from those of Our Site. You can find further information about Instagram’s privacy policies at https://privacycenter.instagram.com/.

  1. Device and Related Usage Data Information

When You visit Our Site, certain information (is) collected by Us or third-party Analytics Service Provider(s) which may include such things as Your IP address or a modified version of it, browser type, operating system, device type, mobile device model identification, pages visited and time spent on the Site, Your general location and other information about how You use Our Site. Information collected by the third-party Analytics Service Provider We use is reported to Us in aggregate form and, while it may be derived from or based on Your Personal Data, We do not attempt to use or combine such information to attempt to reveal Your identity to us.

We and the third-party Analytics Service Provider We utilize, may use cookies to assist in operation of the Site and its functionality, for analytical/performance purposes and in order to improve Our visitors’ experience of the Site. Some of this information, such as web traffic and similar information is collected by Our third-party Analytics and other Service Providers through the use of cookies or similar technologies when You visit and interact with the Site. Cookies may also be placed on the Site by third party advertisers and/or merchandisers.

Our Site also displays embedded video and other media files, which may be served by third parties and then embedded or displayed on Our Site using similar technologies. You should check the privacy policies of those providers for further information on their practices regarding any Personal Data they collect when You click on these embedded media and other files.

  1. Reasons for Personal Data Collection
  2. Personal Data Provided On Consent. Generally, We use or display Personal Data that You voluntarily provide when You communicate with Us for the purposes for which You have provided it (for example, to display Your profile when You make a comment on a review. We may also use Your voluntarily provided email address and similar Personal Data for customer service purposes like contacting You or responding to Your inquiries or to send You certain communications relating to the MYTHOFROCK.GR service, such as service announcements, administrative messages, newsletters, or notifications of Site updates and similar purposes.
  3. Automatic Data Collection – Legitimate Interest. This information may be used by Us for legitimate interests of ours and others, such as improving, operating and providing the functionality of Our Site, to help Us better understand Our audience and the subjects that are of interest to them, what pages are viewed, how much time is spent on Our Site and similar information about how Our Site is used, which We use for analytical/performance purposes so that We can better enhance the visitor experience and improve Our Site operation, as well as for marketing and similar purposes. We also allow Our third-party advertising vendors to place cookies on Our Site, which may collect Personal Data and use it, either alone or in combination with other Personal Data they may have otherwise collected about You from other sources in order to better measure and tailor advertising to You.
  4. For Legal Compliance. We may also use Personal Data We collect to comply with or make available in order to comply with pertinent statutory and regulatory obligations, as well as legal or court process, orders and directives and to protect Our legal rights and those of Our visitors and third parties.
  5. For Performance of a contract to ensure compliance with Our terms of service or performance of contracts with Our third-party Service Providers and other advertisers and vendors.
  6. How Long We Retain and How We Store Your Personal Data: We store Personal Data voluntarily provided to us: for as long as We believe it is reasonably relevant to Our operations; to be used in order to communicate with you; or to be available to be used in connection with enforcing Our legal rights or those of third parties or to be able to respond to legal requirements which We believe, in good faith, to be valid. We store information using commercially reasonable methods with reputable companies. Nevertheless, please note that email, the Internet and digital storage of data in general are not foolproof and We are not able to ensure that Your Personal Data is completely secure.
  7. Sharing of Personal Data Collected: We do not generally share basic Personal Data such as Your name, email address and similarly voluntarily provided information that You give to Us voluntarily, although some information may be displayed on the Site if You submit a news story and request credit or log in through the Facebook plugin. We reserve the right to disclose any information which We may obtain, and otherwise cooperate with, any orders or process of legal authorities and/or courts and/or subpoenas by law enforcement or similar agencies and/or lawfully issued in the context of criminal or civil litigation or other judicial, quasi-judicial or other dispute resolution proceeding. We also reserve the right to disclose any information which We may obtain when We believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding: illegal activities; in connection with suspected fraud, intellectual property infringement; situations involving potential threats to the safety of any person; violations of Our terms of use agreement, to protect the rights of Our visitors and other third parties, as well as Our legal rights; or as otherwise required or permitted by law. Additionally, We may share any information We have with any successors in interest, joint venture partners or similar entities in the course of business.

Certain web traffic and similar information is collected by Our third-party Analytics and other Service Providers through the use of cookies or similar technologies when You visit and interact with the Site: to allow the Site to operate properly; to perform certain functions; for analytical purposes; in order to improve Our visitors’ experience of the Site; as well as to allow Our third party advertising vendors to better measure or tailor advertising to You. Such information may be made available to them for those purposes. For more information on Our Site’s use of cookies and choices regarding them, please see Our Cookies Policy in Section 7 below.

  1. Cookies Policy
  2. (1) Cookies and Similar Technologies: We, Our third-party Analytics Provider and other third party Service Providers who perform services for Us relating to Site operation, analysis and advertising management, may use cookies or similar technologies to receive and/or record certain Personal Data and other information about You as You visit and navigate the Site or view or click on third-party advertisements, for these purposes.

(2) Third-party advertisers, third party social media platforms, other third-party merchandise sellers with whom We do business and may allow to use Our trademark, and third parties whose video and other image or media files are embedded and/or displayed on the Site may also use cookies or similar technologies to receive and/or record certain Personal Data and other information about You and/or Your device as You visit and navigate the Site or view or click on third party advertisements or visit their sites. We do not control such third parties and We refer You to their privacy policies for more information on their practices.

Cookies are tiny text files that may be saved on Your computer or device when You are using a web browser that can be read when You visit Our Site. You can learn more about how cookies and similar technologies are used at https://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

Cookies that may be on the Site generally fall into the following categories:

– Essential or Strictly Necessary cookies – used to allow You to fully utilize and navigate the Site, detect SPAM, maintain operation and security of the Site and to permit the Site to function properly. No visitor consent is required for the placing or maintenance of these cookies. Functional cookies, which may also be considered to be essential or strictly necessary cookies, are also used to enable aspects of the Site to function or to provide other functionality.

– Performance/Analytics cookies – used to collect statistical general information about the background, geographic location, education of Site visitors and other information about how visitors use Our Site, their devices and the ads visitors click on for analytics purposes, to optimize advertising display and the visitor Site experience.

– Targeting/Advertising cookies – used to remember the Sites You visit and how You interact with them to collect information used to help make content and advertisements on sites You visit more relevant to you, control how often You see an ad, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and in aid of facilitating real time bidding for advertisers on Our Site.

  1. Performance/Analytics.
  2. Analytics. Google Analytics, an online analytics tool provided by Google may use cookies to provide Us with aggregated web traffic related information for analytical, Site enhancement and similar purposes by compiling and making reports available concerning how often and how visitors interact with Our Site, as well as statistical and general demographic and similar information regarding Our Site visitors and the use of Our Site. They also collect and provide aggregated information regarding Our visitors’ general location, the type of device, operating system and browser used and similar technical device information when visitors access Our Site. Google Analytics may also collect information such as Your IP address or a modified version of it. Information about Our visitors are reported to Us in aggregated form. We do not attempt to combine any of the information reported to Us by Google Analytics with other personally identifiable information that We may independently have about You in order to personally identify you. Google also restricts its information gathering practices by its terms of service and privacy policy. You can visit https://policies.google.com/privacy regarding Google’s general privacy features and You can visit https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies for further information on Google Analytics’ use of cookies and how it functions.
  3. Targeting/Advertising. Our Advertising Service Providers and third-party advertisers and other merchandising partners may also use cookies and similar technologies to collect User device, network information or similar information. They may also collect behavioral, demographic and geo-location information in connection with the display of third-party advertising, including, among others, ads that result from programmatic advertising, an online bidding and ad placement platform that attempts to deliver relevant ads to You by advertisers who offer products and services that You may find of interest (“Third Party Ads”) served by third party Ad Server Service Providers (“Ad Servers”) that We allow to manage the serving of Third Party Ads on Our Site. These Ad Servers may use cookies, pixels or web beacons (clear electronic images that can recognize certain types of information on Your computer, such as cookies) or similar technologies to collect and/or store certain information when You visit the Site, as well as during Your visits to third party Web sites You may click through to from Our Site, in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of interest to you. The third-party advertisers and Ad Servers We work with varies over time so cookies identified for You may not be fully complete and are subject to change over time.

When You click on any links or Third Party Ads displayed on this Site that take You away from Our Site, You will view any resulting content on a web page not controlled, maintained or operated by us. This privacy policy does not apply to information provided by You or collected at third parties’ web pages. We recommend You contact the owners of such third-party web pages or Third Party Ad providers for further information on their privacy practices.

  1. Disabling Cookies:

You may be able to disable cookies from within Your desktop or mobile web browser. If You wish to generally block all cookies, please consult the documentation for Your browser. Please note, though, that blocking all cookies may impact Your ability to access or Your use of the Site. You may also be able to opt out of certain third-party tracking technologies by following opt out procedures offered at such web pages as www.networkadvertising.org/choices/, https://optout.networkadvertising.org/, https://youronlinechoices.eu/ and https://optout.aboutads.info/. Please note that these web pages are offered by third parties and may be moved, changed or discontinued by them, at their sole discretion. We have no responsibility for the continued availability of such web pages or the opt-out services offered there. Also please note that these offerings do not mean that no data about You will be collected for other analytical, functional or other internal operational purposes and You should read the above sites terms carefully to understand the effects of the choices You make there. You can find out more about Google’s Analytics-related privacy practices here. If You do not want Google Analytics to monitor Your interactions, Google provides an optional browser tool to opt out of Google Analytics collection, which can be found here.

Pages viewed on this Site may contain embedded links to files hosted and/or served by third parties such as YouTube® or other media, as well as links to third-party web pages and/or web sites, which may use cookies or other technologies when You access them. If You disable all cookies, some of these embedded files, media or other links may not function properly.

  1. GDPR Rights for Data Subjects: GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation” (“GDPR”). For natural person Site visitors who are visiting the Site from the EU/EEA, and who may be protected by it when visiting Our Site (“Data Subjects”),the GDPR conveys certain rights regarding “Personal Data”, that is, data that relates to an existing identified or identifiable natural person, and referring to someone who can be directly or indirectly identified through the use of that data.

If You are a Data Subject, then, under certain situations, the GDPR affords You rights concerning Personal Data that We may collect to allow You the right to:

  1. Know what Personal Data has been collected and its purposes;
  2. Have access to Your Personal Data
  3. Request the correction or rectification of Your Personal Data if incomplete or inaccurate
  4. Withdraw Your previously given consent to processing of Your Personal Data where We have been processing Your Personal Data based upon Your consent.
  5. Object to use or restrict use of Your Personal Data in certain cases
  6. Object to automated processing of Your Personal Data
  7. The deletion or erasure of certain Personal Data, sometimes referred to as the Right To Be Forgotten;
  8. Request for transfer or return of Your Personal Data

You may exercise choice regarding non-essential cookies by the use of Our pop-up cookie consent tool. Otherwise, You may also contact Us to advise of any other permitted request(s),in which case, We will take steps to verify Your identity and then evaluate Your request. You may contact Us for this purpose by e-mail at dzaxmetal@yahoo.gr and using the words “COOKIE CONSENT” in the subject line. Any Personal Data requests may be addressed to Us at the same email address and using the words “GDPR DATA SUBJECT REQUEST” in the subject line.

You may also use Our interactive web form, which may be found here.

  1. Complaints. If You do not feel We have adequately responded to Your request, please contact Us at dzaxmetal@yahoo.gr and We will try to resolve the matter with you. If You are still not satisfied afterwards, You may be entitled to complain to Your data protection authority. You may also contact Us at the above email address for details on how to contact Your data protection authority.
  2. Relationship of this Policy to Our Terms of Use Agreement: Use of Our Site is also subject to Our terms of use agreement (“TOS”) which is available here. The terms of this privacy policy are incorporated into the TOS by reference. Our TOS provides for Us to obtain certain rights in the information and materials that You may provide to the Site.
  3. How To Contact MYTHOFROCK.GR

If You have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact Us by e-mail at dzaxmetal@yahoo.gr.