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Black metal legends Rotting Christ are undoubtedly one of the biggest bands that have graced the extreme music scene worldwide. Right from their beginning years, the macabre sounding musical geniuses managed to make an impression on the scene and have since exploded, playing shows all around the world and pioneering the Greek black metal sound. On the evening of June 8th, along with Typhus, Euphrosyne and Khirki, they played their first 35 year anniversary show in Thessaloniki, at Moni Lazariston, and we had the privilege of attending it.

by Christina X

photos by Christina X

It was an ominous evening as the crowd gathered outside Moni Lazariston, waiting for the doors to open. With excitement reaching peak heights and familiar faces all through the outside of the venue, it wasn’t long before we were allowed in and made our way to the front.

Opening act for the night were thrash metallers Typhus, a quartet coming straight from Athens, who immediately got people ready for the vibe to follow. Speedy guitars and vocals resembling those of thrash metal, they had a lot of energy and new ideas to show us. The band was clearly well bonded and gave a speed packed show.

Following them were post black/doom metallers, Euphrosyne. Their intricate songs laced with scream and clean vocals, menacing guitars and fast drums took us on a dark journey. The vocalist was outstanding, mixing both kinds of vocals without missing a beat. Their set was mesmerizing and the crowd watched on with glee.

Third act for the night were Khirki, a rock/metal and folk trio hailing from Athens. Their clever mixing of genres and elements quickly captured us and made for a very energetic and electrifying show. Their enthusiasm and great presence were shining as the vibe of the night went on. A memorable set from a band that clearly loves what it does and makes crowd participation a priority.

After a brief pause, none other than the menacing Rotting Christ took the stage, filling the venue with an ominous energy. As the first sounds of “XΣΞ” were heard, the crowd’s screams grew louder. A moment of pure awe commenced in those seconds before they started playing and immediately, the band took us by storm. Eyes glued to the stage, a familiar sounding chant of “Rotting Christ” between the songs and an atmosphere absolutely furious, it was sure to be an unforgettable night. Playing songs from their newer as well as earlier discography, each track was special and had its own place in our hearts. Mosh pits and crowd participation were evidence of the macabre quartet’s influence on the scene. As they thanked the bands, venue and fans for being there, the chants grew louder and an emotional feeling overtook. Last track of the night was the ever so outstanding “Non Serviam”, with Rotting Christ calling for fans to step on stage with them. Admiration and awe were the only feelings that could begin to describe the night’s experience.

Leaving the venue, recalling the events of earlier with a heart full of happiness and pride, I thought to myself, this is really what music is all about.

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