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Uli Jon Roth emerges as a guitar icon, exuding remarkable charisma and wielding immense influence in the world of rock and metal music. Revered as a guitar virtuoso and a defining figure in the evolution of hard rock and heavy metal, his contributions have been legendary and shaped the neoclassical rock/metal genre. The anticipation was palpable as news broke of his forthcoming concerts in Greece, marking a momentous occasion for fans eagerly awaiting his headlining shows. Personally, the prospect was particularly thrilling for me, having previously only witnessed Roth’s talent in a guest capacity during a Scorpions show.

As the second of March dawned, we made sure to arrive punctually for our rendezvous with Mr. Roth in Athens. The opening act for the evening was Soundtruck, a prominent hard rock band hailing from Greece, whose electrifying live set I had recently enjoyed just days prior at Kyttaro. Once again, they delivered a stellar opening set that left a lasting impression. Their repertoire of captivating songs evoked the golden era of 70s hard rock, reminiscent of esteemed bands like Free, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and AC/DC. Despite drawing inspiration from this iconic period, Soundtruck’s sound remains refreshingly contemporary, avoiding any hint of antiquation. Their set was nothing short of magnificent, characterized by impassioned vocals, crisp guitar melodies, and a tight-knit rhythm section that ignited the crowd with fervor. Having experienced their live show, I now eagerly anticipate Soundtruck’s forthcoming album!

Following Soundtruck, anticipation reached its peak as Uli Jon Roth took the stage. Dressed in striking red attire and wielding his signature sky guitar, the German virtuoso was accompanied by his four bandmates, setting the scene for an unforgettable experience. Roth’s opening chords elicited thunderous applause from the audience as he launched into a superb live gig. Focusing on the repertoire of Scorpions songs from his era with the band, Roth delved into classics from albums like “Fly To The Rainbow”, “In Trance”, “Virgin Killer” and “Taken By Force”. These renditions transported fans to a realm of magic and wonder, enrapturing all in attendance with their otherworldly allure. The packed venue of Fuzz Club bore witness to an ecstatic crowd, each individual reveling in the fulfillment of their shared passion for both Scorpions and Roth’s musical legacy. As the night drew to a close, an encore performance of Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower” provided a fitting conclusion to the evening’s festivities. Roth expressed his gratitude to the audience, who reciprocated with reverent admiration for his exceptional artistry. These cherished moments remain etched in our memories!

Uli Jon Roth’s recital has etched its place in the rock history of Greece, becoming more than just a concert but a cathartic artistic pinnacle. These concertos serve as profound experiences that deepen our connection with rock music, forging enduring bonds.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

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