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Myth of Rock recently had the privilege of attending yet another philanthropic concert on February 25, 2024, supporting David Prudent, the owner of Made in Hell studio, who is facing health issues. This event featured performances by Alchemists, Passengers in Panic, and Aherusia at the Temple venue in Athens, Greece. In this report, we are excited to provide our firsthand impressions of this remarkable triple live show!

Opening the night was Alchemists, a melodic hard rock/classic metal ensemble fronted by Maria Kanellaki, known as the backing vocalist of Lazy Man’s Load. Their performance was characterized by a captivating sound, infused with passion and energy, delivered with utmost confidence and precision. Of particular note was their standout composition, “Queen of Hearts,” which garnered enthusiastic responses from the gathered fans at Temple. Maria’s vocals stood out as a highlight for Alchemists, complemented by the intricate guitar work showcased throughout their set.

Following Alchemists, Passengers in Panic took the stage. Having previously witnessed this melodic folk heavy metal band’s performance a few months prior at Temple, I was delighted that I would see them again in concert. The Greek quartet showed their prowess with their excellent compositions, which exude charisma and a clear artistic vision. With a well-rehearsed and prepared set, Passengers in Panic delivered a stunning performance centered around refined guitar phrases and a robust rhythm section. Personally, I found myself even more enamored with the band’s songs on this occasion—each one offering depth and richness. The incorporation of prerecorded parts added depth to the overall experience, while the singer’s stage presence added an extra layer of dimension to the performance, resulting in a highly satisfying outcome. I have no doubt that Passengers in Panic will continue to enchant audiences with their future endeavors.

The night concluded with a mesmerizing performance by Aherusia, marking my first encounter with their live show. Uncertain of what to anticipate, I was pleasantly surprised by their unique fusion of folk and black metal elements, creating what can only be described as extreme folk metal. Enhanced by operatic female vocals, Aherusia’s distinct musical style was executed with remarkable conviction and fluidity by the Greek ensemble. Witnessing these musicians seamlessly blend their talents was truly a special experience. Although unfamiliar with their songs, I found myself immersed in the intricate and captivating melodies they delivered. Between songs, the frontman engaged with the audience, sharing jokes and insights into the lyrical themes, enriching the fans’ understanding of Aherusia’s music. Each fan present was transported into the mystical realm of extreme folk metal, embarking on an otherworldly journey. It was an adventure, a mesmerizing odyssey, offering a brief escape into a dreamlike and enigmatic universe.

As Aherusia concluded their performance, we exited Temple filled with contentment for the unforgettable sights and sounds we had experienced. The evening brimmed with exceptional moments, immersed in pure metal, all orchestrated in support of David.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

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