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In a night that can only be described as a triumph for Greek metal, Sebia and Fortress Under Siege delivered an electrifying concert at Temple in Athens, Greece, showcasing the prowess of the Hellenic metal scene. We really had the privilege of witnessing this extraordinary display of musical power and majesty on this November night.

According to the program, Alchemists was the first band to perform, however, personal issues didn’t let them take part in this musical event.

So, … Sebia, a relatively new band in the Greek hard rock/metal scene, set the stage ablaze with their energetic performance. From the first notes resonating through the venue, Sebia demonstrated a level of musicianship that left a very positive impression. Their setlist, a fusion of melodic hooks, powerful riffs and interesting arrangements, showcased the band’s versatility and ability to seamlessly navigate between intricate compositions and memorable choruses. The chemistry between band members was evident, with tight instrumentals and a charismatic stage presence that engaged the audience from start to finish – the lead vocalist’s ability to connect with the audience, giving a theatrical recital, coupled with the band’s enthusiasm, created a sense of unity within the venue. By the time Sebia concluded their set, they had successfully paved the way for the headlining act, leaving the audience waiting for the main event.

We didn’t have to wait for too long! In a few minutes, Fortress Under Siege emerged to a roar of anticipation from the crowd – I personally was so happy watching these guys on stage, since I loved their latest album, “Envy”. The air crackled with energy as Fotis Sotiropoulos and his bandmates launched into their set, delivering a performance that was nothing short of a power metal delirium. Fortress Under Siege’s sound, characterized by soaring vocals, intricate guitar work, and thunderous rhythms, enveloped the venue in a sonic tapestry that transported the audience to distant, beautiful realms. The precision of Fortress Under Siege’s musicianship, combined with their dedication to the craft, engaged the fans, who were head banging and screaming for more. The lead vocalist’s incredible range added a dramatic flair, complementing the band’s pompous power metal. The guitar work was palatable, with Fotis Sotiropoulos as the main supervisor. The rhythm section was the solid foundation, where the other members built. Last but not least, the melodies added depth to the band’s performance, enhancing the overall sonic experience. The setlist, dedicated to the latest album “Envy”, but also a carefully curated journey through their discography, included all the band’s big songs. Each song was met with fervent applause and enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, underscoring the band’s status as a powerhouse in the Greek power metal scene. I went crazy when I heard the first notes of “Bring Out Your Dead”, “Distant Voices” and “Ride The Thunder”, some examples of the Fortress Under Siege latest grand opus.

In conclusion, the concert featuring Sebia and Fortress Under Siege was a celebration of the versatility, vibrancy and excellence within the Greek metal scene. Both bands delivered performances that transcended the confines of the venue, and of course, Fortress Under Siege was the undeniable protagonist. It was a night where the power of music united fans and artists, forging an unforgettable moment in the annals of Greek metal.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri


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