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Athens, Greece, awaits a night of brutal, extreme intensity, as three metal forces – Bio-Cancer, Exarsis, and Typhus – prepare to converge on a single stage. This thrash metal spectacle will undoubtedly take place into the memories of those fortunate enough to bear witness. Myth of Rock writes about the protagonists of a thrash metal celebration at Temple on the 9th of December, 2023!


In the relentless and unforgiving fields of thrash metal, where speed, aggression, and unbridled energy collide, few bands manage to carve a distinctive niche for themselves. One such force to be reckoned with is the Greek thrash metal powerhouse, Bio-Cancer. With a sound that encapsulates the essence of the genre while injecting a potent dose of individuality, Bio-Cancer has established itself as a formidable presence in the contemporary thrash metal scene.

Formed in 2010 in Athens, Greece, Bio-Cancer burst onto the scene with a mission to resurrect the raw, unapologetic spirit of thrash metal’s golden era. The band’s lineup consists of vocalist Lefteris Hatziandreou, guitarists Thanasis Andreou and Stavros Marinos, bassist Giannis Lagoutaris and drummer Tomek Solomonidis. Together, they form a formidable musical unit that delivers sonic onslaughts with precision and intensity.

One of the defining features of Bio-Cancer’s music is their ability to seamlessly blend the old-school thrash metal elements with a modern edge. The thunderous riffs, breakneck tempo changes and pummeling drum patterns pay homage to the genre’s pioneers, yet Bio-Cancer infuse their music with a contemporary aggression that resonates with both seasoned thrash enthusiasts and a new generation of metalheads.

The band’s discography proves their commitment to the thrash metal legacy. Their debut full-length album, “Ear Piercing Thrash,” unleashed in 2012, served as a sonic manifesto, garnering praise for its unrelenting ferocity and infectious energy. Songs like “Your Punisher” and “You Scream You Die” showcase Bio-Cancer’s ability to craft memorable, headbang-inducing anthems while maintaining a brutal edge. “Tormenting the Innocent” is an audacious and unapologetic exploration of the darker realms within the thrash metal genre. And in their latest release, “Revengeance” Bio-Cancer catapults the listener into a maelstrom of intense riffing, thunderous drumming, and relentless vocals.

In addition to their studio abilities, Bio-Cancer is renowned for their explosive live performances. The Athenian quintet has toured with several popular metal acts such as Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery and Marduk.

The ferocious soundscapes crafted by Bio-Cancer presents a thrilling, mind-blowing journey, which inspires and captivates audiences across the globe. They are one of the cutting edge thrash metal bands and their compelling, thrash metal experience demands attention and recognition in the ever-evolving world of extreme metal music.



And  then comes … Exarsis! It is true that few bands manage to carve a path as ferocious and uncompromising as Greece’s Exarsis. Formed in 2009 in Athens, Exarsis has become a respected name in the thrash metal community, delivering a furious extreme metal inferno with their phenomenal releases. Nick J. Tragakis and company is a cohesive unit that offers us a treasure trove of breakneck riffs, precision drumming and incendiary vocals, paying homage to the pioneers of thrash while putting their own signature.

The band’s albums unfold as a proud commitment to the thrash metal cause. Albums like “Under Destruction” (2013), “The Human Project” (2015), and “New War Order” (2017) showcase Exarsis’ evolution, each release refining their sound and solidifying their standing in the global metal community. Of course, in their latest studio instalment, Exarsis prove adept at crafting anthems that resonate with the rebellious spirit of thrash.

Exarsis isn’t merely confined to the studio; their live performances are a sonic maelstrom that engulfs audiences in a whirlwind of headbanging euphoria. Having graced stages alongside iconic thrash acts and participated in renowned metal festivals, Exarsis has earned its stripes as a force to be reckoned with in the live arena. Lyrical wise, the Greek thrashers delve into societal issues, war and the human condition, adding a layer of substance to their sonic intensity.

In a world where music evolves and heavy metal constantly gets rediscovered, Exarsis remain a beacon of unbridled thrash energy, inviting metalheads to revel in the sonic chaos they skillfully orchestrate. “Sentenced to Life”, Exarsis’ last thrash metal opus, gives all the reasons why!



The Greek band Typhus emerges as a relentless force in the thrash metal scene. Formed in 2009 in Athens, Typhus is a quintet, a musical brotherhood dedicated to resurrecting the raw, primal spirit of old-school thrash metal.

At the core of Typhus’ sonic arsenal lies a potent fusion of speed, precision, and aggression. Their music harks back to the heyday of thrash metal, drawing inspiration from genre stalwarts while infusing it with their own distinctive flair. Tracks like “Endless War” and “Into the Unknown” showcase the band’s ability to craft blistering riffs, breakneck tempos, and vocals that cut through the sonic onslaught like a serrated blade.

The debut album of Typhus, “Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity” (2014), served as an introduction to the world of Typhus and their uncompromising vision. The relentless assault continued with subsequent releases like “Profound Blasphemous Proclamation” (2017), solidifying Typhus’ status as torchbearers of the thrash metal flame.

Beyond the studio, Typhus is a force of nature on stage. Their live shows are a sonic tempest that captivates audiences, inviting them to dive headfirst into the chaotic realm of thrash metal. Typhus’ stage presence, characterized by raw energy and true passion, reinforces their commitment to the live authenticity that defines the essence of thrash metal.

Through their uncompromising sound and electrifying live performances, Typhus invites all of us to experience the merciless force that defines the essence of thrash metal. The debut album, “Mass Produced Perfection” was just the beginning!

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