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WORMHOLEDEATH – A special presentation!

by MythofRock

In the year 2022, the world is full of rock/metal record labels – big labels, small labels, mainstream or underground labels, the amount of rock/metal record labels is very large and the bands have a lot of choices, as far as record companies are concerned! However, there is a certain record label, which fulfills all the criteria and stands on the top of the rock/metal category. We are talking about WormHoleDeath, which is, without a doubt, one of the most dignified, respected and accomplished metal record companies in the world! This is a presentation of WormHoleDeath, an article which presents the identity, the characteristics, the activities and the roster of this really big record label in the rock/metal genre! Go!

Important note: The article “What is WormHoleDeath?” by Carla Morton has been used as a main resource for this presentation: https://skullbangerdotnet.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/what-is-wormholedeath-bycarlamorton/


WormHoleDeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born in Italy, in 2008. The label is distributed worldwide by Aural Music Group, its publishing division is administered by Warner/Chappell Music Holland BV (Warner Music Group) through a worldwide deal, and digital distribution/marketing is managed by the American corporation The Orchard Inc. (Sony Music Ent.) worldwide.

The Italian label focused on modern metal, hard rock, hardcore, mainstream/alternative metal, black metal, industrial and heavy Rock, but it releases everything beautiful, no matter what’s the genre.

WormHoleDeath has signed many bands, such as Aeternitas, Areis, Temtris, Bleed Someone Dry, The Way Of Purity, The Shiver, Irdorath, Sarea, Phaze I etc., has discovered successful newcomers like Mechanical God Creation, Crysalys, Chugger, Shadowdream, Astray Valley, Lamori, Final Coil etc. and has released more than 360 albums.

Publishing artists include Cadaveria (Scarlet Records/Season Of Mist), Devilish Impressions (Lifeforce Records), Flames At Sunrise, to name a few. Furthermore, the label signed Japanese legends Youthquake (Featuring X-Japan members), and important deals were inked in Japan with labels such as Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music, Media Factory during these years. These deals led WHD to open its office in Tokyo, Japan, operated by label manager Masahiko Kishimoto. During 2015, Wormholedeath inked a deal with Norwegian label manager Thomas Hansen (known for being the guitar player of cult black metal band Ragnarok) to start its Nordic office in Fredrikstad, Norwa). During 2020, the label expanded operation in USA with its own office in Los Angeles, South America (Hellion Records) and Australia (MGM/The Planet Company).

WormHoleDeath’s manager is Carlo Bellotti, whose top priority is to work hard for the label’s bands, to assist and support them in their difficult effort and resolve every problem they may face. It’s his true interest and deep dedication that gives serious advantage to the bands of the label’s roster.

But whatever we may say, only the bands themselves can describe WormHoleDeath’s important and priceless services. So, instead of writing down adjectives in the superlative, it is best to see what the musicians have to say! …

Mario Pulisci (Worstenemy):  “WormHoleDeath is a great label. The band and I are proud to be part of it!”.

Mahmoud Kattan (Atropas): “In August 2014, Jonny Mazzeo of Mathlab Studios contacted us. He told us that he really liked our music and wanted to work with us and if he liked our new demoes, he will get us in touch with this Italian label. So went him our demos, which would later be released as our new album Episodes of Solitude, and he loved it. He sent it to Carlo of WHD and he loved the music. He immediately got in touch with me, we skyped, talked about the goals that Atropas has in mind and we were of the same mind pretty much from the start. He’s only request was that we work hard, he told us: ”If you guys are willing to work hard, I will too. I will put in just as much work into this as you do, so the only request I have is that you work for this like I do.” We always wanted to work hard, but we of course didn’t know Carlo at the time. But he’s a man of his word, and he’s a really hard worker. He puts in all the time and effort that we expect from a label and it is paying off for us just as much as it is for him, I hope. He deserves the success he’s had. Thank you for taking us under your wing, Carlo and WHD!”.

Zlatko Kuster (Tearless): “WHD gave us a chance to show our vision of music to the world. We had their full support during the every step of making our album and we are honored and proud that we were given a chance to meet such nice people.WHD, you rock!”.

David Potvin (Phaze I): “We chose WormHoleDeath Records as the distributor for Phaze I because when I contacted Carlo he’s been very reactive and was very motivated by the project. As he told me about Phaze I “It sounds fresh, quite unique soundwise”. We wanted serious people to work with us. Naty helped us with the promo and we had the chance to have a Japan distribution with WHD Japan. As Phaze I debut album was released by the Italian label Scarlet Records, it was also a good point for us to work again with an Italian label such as Worm Hole Death! These guys know what they are talking about!”.

Tony Tomasicchio (Elegy Of Madness): “We chose this label because it meets all the terms set out from the begining, the hard working and excellence. It’s hard to find people like them that are able to work peacefully with the band. All the promises have been kept!”

Bora Ince (Furtherial): “As Furtherial , we would like to thank Carlo Bellotti and WormHoleDeath Records for their continued support and helping us reach listeners worldwide. Rock on!”.

Tiaz (Underwell): “WormHoleDeath and Carlo Bellotti in particular, was our first music-family; it greeted us one of the first bands of their rooster, and we were the first one to be choose in the Italian overview. With WormHoleDeath we grew up, musically speaking, and between us and the staff was created a true friendship that goes beyond the musical experience. Carlo and the staff contributed with their advice at the creation of the band that you can listen in ”The Chant of Husks””.

Ligeia (Levania): “We chose WHD because they have a very strong passion for the work and professionality. They help us growing up, like musicians and performers. We are happy to have signed with WHD because we never felt abandoned!”.

Clara Ceccarelli (Norhod): “We were supported by Carlo and WHD from our first CD, “The Blazing Lily”and thanks to them we just recorded our second one! We are really happy for the work we are doing with Carlo and with the label and I hope we can grow with them”.

Irfan Cancar (Sanctrum): “We chose WHD because we felt that they are as passionate about our music as we are and that they are going to work with and for us. We are very pleased with how they have treated us and how they are promoting and helping us to grow”.

Jonathan Mazzeo (Bleed Someone Dry/MathLab Studios): “WHD is a label I have been working with since 2007 and have achieved many goals and common targets music wise. Since collaborating with WHD I have always had the opportunity to work with very interesting bands and managed to reach higher and higher personal professional standards also through this partnership. MathLab and WHD have released about 50 productions and we are still going well. Of course we always hope to produce “the record”, the one which could really make the difference for us, we are definitely working towards that target by setting higher standards enabling the bands to perform also at a higher level through our work”.

Ville Oravala (Asa Noir): “Carlo and WHD are doing decent job in the publishing field. We had bunch of offers from different labels and where many of the most labels are trying to get artists to pay for even signing or other bullshit, things with WHD have been as agreed. Music industry is really fucked up “business” nowadays and nice words ends easily you finding yourself assraped and robbed in daylight. Our advice for any colleques who are seeking deals is to say direct fuck you to labels that just basicly wants your money right at the beginning. Have to say that we propably might been pain in Carlo’s mind at the beginning with all doubting and piercing questioning but everything has gone really nicely and nothing has came as a suprise. As a smaller label it’s easier for the artist to do what you want and still know your partner believes in what you do. Still big label enough to have good contacts”.

Alkhemohr (DunkelNacht): “We signed with WormHoleDeath Records to promote our latest album named ”Revelatio”. Carlo and his label are doing a good job! The promotion is made and promises are kept. Beyond the work, we have a good relation with Carlo and what I still detain is that WormHoleDeath Records really listen and re-listen to the music of the bands he signs. That seem to be normal? Rather, it is a rarity!”.

Steven Leijen (Selfmachine): “We found WormholeDeath at exactly the right time. We were just finishing our first album and they gave us the great opportunity to expand our reach and present our band to the world. Ever since our first contact it struck us that they really understood what we were trying to do and what our music was about. Over the last two years we’ve been in contact with the label they have always been very supportive of our band and our music. Whenever we had questions about anything, they would always take the time to provide us with information, assistance and their honest opinions. We look forward to future releases and to our cooperation in the years to come. WormholeDeath simply ROCKS!!”.

Jonas Hellborg (Other Eyes Wise): “Other Eyes Wise chose WDH because of our initial talk with Carlo, who is a great guy. He has helped us develop as a band without trying to dictate what we  have to do, he’s always on a very personal and caring level, something that we think is rare in the industry”.

Roelof Klop (Curse Of The Forgotten): “Great label, we got a lot of international reviews and press attention since we signed them, Carlo is a great guy who is always there to help out!”.

Michael Ravndal (Angerman): “WormHoleDeath did everything they promised. We recorded the album, they printed it and released it online. They sent it out to magazines and got reviews. Angerman is very happy with the collaboration”.

Jeroen (Bloid): “What can we say about WHD and Carlo? Just that it’s great to to be supported by a label like WHD. Carlo is a nice guy, who really just gets what Bloid is about, without even meeting us face to face. It’s great that it’s easy to get in touch with him and he takes time out of his busy schedual to talk or chat with you for whatever reason. We hope we can work together for a while so let the good times roll!”

Ilaria Falchi (Lightless Moor): “We knew him when we started our first album project. He supported us in the realization of that first creature and today he still does. He came and supported us in studio in August for the recordings of our upcoming album “Hymn for the Fallen”. In this occasion we have the chance to meet him in person for the first time as we were in contact via skype and phone until this time. It was like meeting an old friend!  He believes in us as musicians and as persons and confides in our capacities and competences. He works with us as part of the band and we can feel that it’s more than a job for him. It’s trust, responsability, energy. All for just one goal: music. We thank Carlo and WormHoleDeath from the depth of our hearts to be our guide in this journey!”

Jamie Lee Smit (Azylya):  “Azylya signed with WHD in the last few years, we are preparing our second album.Our producer, Wao of Realsound Studios, brought us to the label. we are very pleased to work with WormHoleDeath! Through their work, our music is part worldwide, we were critical of Europe to the United States via Japan ! Thank you for this beautiful work! Keep supporting WormHoleDeath! They rule! Support the underground!”.

Some info:

  • During the year 2010, WormHoleDeath produced the new film from fetish queen Susi Medusa Gottardi (Private/Showtime) called “A passage through the purity of pain”.
  • WormHoleDeath is owner of Opera Core, which pioneered the “Opera Core” sound imprint through its successful vision.
  • WormHoleDeath has announced that Jason Ruch and Randy Ball of Zero by One Sound (0x1 Sound) have been named to lead audio and video productions for WormHoleDeath USA and EpicTronic.
  • The first bands that signed with WormHoleDeath were Onsetcold from England and Lifend from Italy.

If you want to contact WormHoleDeath, you can simply send an email to: worm@wormholedeath.com In case you have an unsigned band, you can forward your material to the abovementioned email address!








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