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In the summer of 2004, a promising band was born in Athens, Greece. With a fervent passion for classic heavy metal coursing through their veins, Crimson Fire emerged, wielding a sound that harkened back to the illustrious era of the 1980s metal scene and they embarked on a musical journey fueled by powerful riffs and soaring, high-pitched vocals.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

From the humble beginning to becoming a formidable force of the Greek metal scene, Crimson Fire’s adventure has been one of dedication to their unique craft. Drawing inspiration from the legendary bands of metal, they honed their sound, infusing it with a beautiful sense of melody and an unbridled enthusiasm.

Throughout their career, Crimson Fire has shared the stage with an array of metal luminaries, both international icons and local legends alike. From the virtuosic mastery of Uli Jon Roth to the incomparable might of Anvil, Crimson Fire has stood shoulder to shoulder with metal’s finest!

In 2010, Crimson Fire unleashed their debut full-length album, “Metal is Back”, a fascinating proclamation heralding the resurgence of 80s metal. Signed with Iron on Iron Records, the album garnered widespread acclaim, cementing Crimson Fire’s status as torchbearers of the new metal wave.

Building upon their early success, Crimson Fire returned in 2016 with their sophomore release, “Fireborn”, courtesy of Pitch Black Records. With this album, they ventured into the fiery depths of their artistry, delivering an electrifying onslaught of anthemic metal.

And it was with the release of their third opus, “Another Dimension”, in 2021 via No Remorse Records, that Crimson Fire unleashed a sonic inferno that undoubtedly set the metal world ablaze. An amazing album of traditional heavy metal, this third instalment let them spread their wings and fly to the metal sky! Crimson Fire had now a great catalogue of fantastic metal tunes and the conquering of the world was a matter of little time. Fortunately, the Greek band arranged a European tour, opening for Suicidal Angels, and they finally managed to share their live magic with hundreds of fans across Europe.

Returning to their homeland of Greece, Crimson Fire will conclude their tour with a triumphant live performance in Athens. Metal enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this spectacle at the Temple venue on April 27th, 2024, where Crimson Fire will be celebrated as champions of 80s metal. Joining them on stage will be the formidable Typhus and the intriguing Junkwolvz, promising an unforgettable evening.

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