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Green Lung, the masters of the occult heavy rock, are about to hit the stage of Fuzz Live Club, in Athens, Greece. The show will begin with Saturday Night Satan, who will warm up the audience with their catchy occult metal. Myth of Rock is dealing with the mystery of these two bands, as we prepare for a mesmerizing performance.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Few bands are as bewitching and enigmatic as Green Lung. This London-based quintet, formed in 2017 as a quartet comprising Tom Templar (vocals), Scott Black (guitar), Matt Wiseman (drums) and Andrew Cave (bass), has swiftly ascended to prominence within the underground music scene, captivating listeners with their spellbinding fusion of doom-laden riffs, ethereal melodies and occult lyricism. They initially started their journey by performing to intimate crowds in local public houses, gradually garnering attention, partly through their active presence on Instagram. Their first breakthrough came, when they signed with the German independent label Kosmic Artifactz. Under this partnership, they released their debut EP, “Free the Witch,” in 2018, followed by their inaugural LP, “Woodland Rites” in March 2019. The latter album received widespread critical acclaim from specialized media outlets, solidifying Green Lung’s position as a rising force within the music scene. In 2020, Green Lung inked a deal with Svart Records, a renowned Finnish label specializing in doom metal. Building on this momentum, the band graced the stage at the Bloodstock festival in 2021 before unleashing their sophomore album, “Black Harvest,” in October of the same year. In July 2022, Green Lung secured a deal with Nuclear Blast Records, a significant milestone in their career trajectory. Following this achievement, the band took to the stage at the Damnation Festival in November, further solidifying their presence in the global heavy rock/metal community. In late 2022, Green Lung embarked on an international tour, where they had the honor of supporting the acclaimed band Clutch. The band’s latest album is “This Heathen Land”, a masterpiece of occult heavy rock, containing the signature sound of Green Lung, which landed at number one on the UK’s Official Rock and Metal Album Chart. Critics have characterized Green Lung’s musical style as deeply rooted in British classic rock and early heavy metal, with influences from iconic bands such as Queen, Deep Purple, and notably, Black Sabbath’s 1970s repertoire. The band’s thematic elements, both lyrical and visual, draw inspiration from 1960s and 1970s horror cinema as well as British folklore, contributing to their unique and captivating aesthetic.

Green Lung are now: Joseph Ghast (bass), Matt Wiseman (drums), Scott Black (guitars), Tom Templar (vocals) and John Wright (organ).

As torchbearers of the occult rock resurgence, Green Lung has garnered a dedicated following of fans drawn to the band’s mystique and musical virtuosity. Their electrifying live performances, characterized by swirling fog, kaleidoscopic visuals and incense-laden atmospheres, transport audiences to distant realms where the boundaries between the mundane and the magical blur into obscurity.

Saturday Night Satan will kick off the event. The Greek occult metal newcomers have already offered us three music videos, “Rule with Fire”, “Lurking in the Shadows” and “Devil in Disguise”, and their debut album, “All Things Black”, has just been released via Made of Stone Recordings. Saturday Night Satan’s fresh, interesting and groovy sound, which comprises the beautiful vocals of Kate Soulthorn, the thunderous bass lines of Jim Kotsis and some really sharp guitar phrases, will shake us some moments before Green Lung start their occult heavy rock feast!

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