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Perkele, the Swedish punk rock band, is visiting Greece in the following days and Myth of Rock, super excited for these upcoming shows in Athens (26/04) and Thessaloniki (27/04), is noting down some points of interest about this iconic band!

  • Perkele in Finnish mythology was the god of thunder, while in later years of Christian dominance, it became associated with Satan.
  • Today, the word “perkele” is used as a swear word, but for the past three decades, it has been synonymous with the greatest cross-genre punk-rock band Scandinavia has ever produced.
  • Formed in 1993 in Göteborg, Perkele has since been recognized as one of the biggest names in punk rock music.
  • They have toured relentlessly, headlining major European festivals of the genre and beyond.
  • They are possibly the band outside the metal scene with the most metalhead fans.
  • Their sound is instantly recognizable. Addictive punk-rock filled with uplifting singalongs but also heavy-metal passages and riffs, with influences from Oi!, ska, Swedish folk, and of course, ‘70s British punk.
  • Their lyrics send messages against racism, the arms industry, capitalism, war, etc., while also taking a clear stance against drugs.
  • Having built a mutually loving relationship over the years, they return to Greece for two appearances in Thessaloniki and Athens, which are guaranteed to turn into celebrations of wild dancing and passionate screams.

Perkele’s line-up

  • Ron Halinoja – vocals, guitar
  • Christopher Anthony – bass guitar, vocals
  • Jouni Haapala – drums

Perkele’s discography

  • Det Växande Hatet (1994)
  • Från Flykt Till Kamp (1998)
  • Voice Of Anger (2001)
  • No Shame (2002)
  • Göteborg (2003)
  • Stories From The Past (2004)
  • Confront (2005)
  • Songs For You – Live in Magdeburg (2008)
  • Längtan (2008)
  • Forever (2010)
  • Punk Rock Army (2010)
  • A Way Out (2013)
  • Leaders Of Tomorrow (2019)
  • Back In Time (2023)

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