by MythofRock

Hell Theater releases its new, sophomore album and … behold horror metal! Until now, we had shock rock, however, as things evolve, we must welcome a genre, established by its Italian exponents! “S’ Accabadora” is the title of Hell Theater’s new work, which follows 2012’s “Reincarnation of Evil”, a nice debut, and narrates a concept story. This horror story is dressed with classic heavy metal music, which encapsulates many different music elements – in this horror metal album you will find also many progressive metal, doom metal, power metal and thrash metal elements. The result is a fine, versatile metal opus, with stormy, menacing, massive riffs, rhythms, sometimes doomy, sometimes speedy, and a mix of harsh and high pitched vocals. Imagine the music style of King Diamond, but more thrashy, rougher and more complex, imagine a more modern version of bands like Hallow’s Eve and Nasty Savage, imagine a classic 80s heavy metal rendition of Cradle of Filth (in the whole atmosphere and vocals ), and you are in! This second Hell Theater album is inspired and showcases the majestic vision of its creators, who have crafted a musical opus, dramatic, lyrical and theatrical, a reincarnation of musical fantasy and horror fiction. The Italians have prepared an atmospheric, horror musical play, which will sends shivers down our spine. Frankly, this full-length release, apart from making you wanna bang your head, will scare the shit out of you! This is a hell of a conceptual metal disc, ideal for the metalheads, who like horror books, movies and soundtracks!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos



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