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They belong to the world of progressive, psychedelic and space rock music. Their sonic expeditions transcend boundaries of time and space. They are the architects of ethereal soundscapes, the masters of cosmic journeys – they are Ozric Tentacles, who has been captivating listeners with their unique blend of electronic, space rock and world music for over three decades. And yes, they are visiting again our country, Athens and Thessaloniki, in a few days! Myth of Rock tries to solve the mystery of Ozric Tentacles!

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Formed in 1983 in Somerset, England and led by the visionary composer, multi-instrumentalist and only constant member Ed Wynne, Ozric Tentacles embarked on a musical odyssey that goes beyond categorization. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as electronic rock pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, as well as ethnic music traditions from around the globe, the band forged a distinctive sound that is both hypnotic and exhilarating.

At the core of Ozric Tentacles’ sonic tapestry lies their ability to seamlessly blend electronic synthesizers with traditional rock instrumentation. Ed Wynne’s mastery of the guitar, coupled with his adeptness at programming synthesizers, creates a sonic landscape that is both otherworldly and deeply rooted in the traditions of rock music.

One of the defining characteristics of Ozric Tentacles’ music is their improvisational approach to composition. Their live performances are often characterized by extended jams and spontaneous musical dialogues between band members. This improvisational spirit infuses their studio recordings as well, giving their albums a sense of organic fluidity that mirrors the ebb and flow of their cosmos.

Albums like “Erpland”, “Jurassic Shift” and “Strangeitude” are celebrated as classics of the psychedelic and progressive rock genres. Each album is a musical voyage, taking the listener on a journey through cosmic realms filled with pulsating rhythms, swirling synths and intricate guitar work. Tracks like “Sploosh!” and “Kick Muck” showcase the band’s knack for crafting infectious grooves that are simultaneously mysterious and mind-expanding.

Ozric Tentacles’ concerts are immersive experiences, where audiences are transported to alternate dimensions through a combination of mesmerizing visuals and transcendent music. The band’s improvisational prowess truly shines on stage!

Throughout their storied career, Ozric Tentacles has remained true to their artistic vision, never compromising their experimental ethos for commercial success. In an industry often driven by trends and fads, they stand as a beacon of authenticity and creativity, inspiring countless musicians and listeners alike.

As the 19th and 20th April 2024 is approaching, Ozric Tentacles beckon us to join them on a voyage through the realms of sound, imagination and infinity. Their spaceship will land in Greece, so you’d better be prepared for a music kaleidoscope of senses and illusions!

Did you know that …

  • Ozric Tentacles has released over 30 albums selling over a million copies worldwide despite never having signed to a major recording label?
  • they performed at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1983, where the brothers Ed and Roly Wynne, along with drummer Nick “Tig” Van Gelder, bassist Eddie Myer and keyboardist Joie Hinton played together?
  • according to Ed Wynne, “Ozric’” is an old Viking name meaning ‘divine energy’, and ‘tentacles’ is a silly word to put on the end? However, the name Osric comes from Old English; its elements mean ‘god’ and ‘ruler’.
  • in 1989, the band started their own label, Dovetail Records?
  • in 1991 the band reached their first No. 1 recognition in the UK Indie Chart with their single “Sploosh!” from “Strangeitude”?
  • in 1992 the band decided to create their own recording studio (“The Mill”) to cut down on the costs of recording an album?
  • by 1993, “Jurassic Shift” album reached the Top 20 of the UK Albums Chart and No. 1 in the UK Indie Chart, spending a total of three months in the charts?
  • Ozric Tentacles, comprising Ed Wynne, Silas Neptune, Brandi Wynne, Tim Wallander, along with Saskia Maxwell, toured with Gong in November-December 2022?
  • the vast majority of their songs are instrumentals? In Ed Wynne’s words, this is because, “I’ve never really liked vocals. Words always get in the way, make everything too specific. Our music is more about creating moods and giving the listener the chance to get whatever they want out of it. Music is better than singing”.
  • the latest studio album of Ozric Tentacles was “Lotus Unfolding”, released in 2023?

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