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We arrived at the Fuzz club early, just as the doors opened, eager to secure prime viewing positions for the highly anticipated Ville Valo solo concert in Athens. Greek fans of both HIM and Ville Valo were in for a memorable evening, and Myth of Rock is here to recount the events of that Thursday night.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

The opening band was Zetra, a gothic/dark wave/electro/synth-rock duo from the UK, who appeared promptly before us. This band showcased a captivatingly dark sound and atmosphere, which perfectly complemented the style of the entire concert. The fans, who quickly filled the venue, seemed to thoroughly enjoy their songs. Zetra performed with great passion and devotion, maintaining a focused energy throughout their set. Their music, both evocative and emotional, served as an excellent warm-up for the performances to come. Zetra’s set was relatively brief and they left the stage amidst applause from the audience.

The moment had arrived for Ville Valo – you could see it in the eyes of the fans, who gazed at the heartagram at the back of the stage. Within minutes, Valo’s bandmates took their places on stage, with Ville Valo making his grand entrance last, as expected. The reaction from the audience was explosive – everyone was yelling, shouting, and shaking with excitement. Dressed in black attire and sporting a black hat, Mr. Valo sang with his heart, locking eyes with his fans, his demeanor shifting from serious to a smile from time to time. It had been years since I last saw Ville Valo on stage, and he struck me as somewhat slender and perhaps fatigued, not moving around much or speaking excessively. Vocally, he delivered a solid performance, though there were moments when his voice wasn’t clearly audible – though this could be attributed to various factors, and it would be unfair to make assumptions. The band accompanying the renowned frontman was exceptionally tight, delivering a dynamic, heavy and clear sound. The setlist was meticulously curated, featuring all the fan favorites alongside several solo tracks. Personally, the standout moments of the show were “Join Me In Death”, “Right Here in My Arms”, “Wings of a Butterfly”, “The Funeral of Hearts” and “Run Away From the Sun”. Overall, Ville Valo treated us to some unforgettable musical and emotional moments. For over an hour and a half, he proved himself to be a master of gothic rock, a maestro of dark rock. His performances were exceptional, leaving his fans blown away.

After the encore and the crescendo of the night, we made our way home happy and super-satisfied. We had a great time with Ville Valo and Zetra, and we are already eagerly awaiting Valo’s next studio release!

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