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French melodic/symphonic death metal outfit Aephanemer made their presence felt in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, and Myth of Rock seized the opportunity and covered their performance in Athens. This report delves into the fantastic atmosphere that unfolded at HolyWood stage on the Greek National Day, capturing the essence of the whole experience.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

The opening act for Aephanemer was Primal Roots, a heavy metal ensemble based in Athens with members hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Having previously caught their performance at An club a few months back, I was eagerly anticipating their return. Primal Roots took to the stage with unbridled confidence, delivering a riveting set of their finest tracks to a chreeful audience. Having remarkable passion and sounding so tight, they showcased significant growth since my last encounter. With a more polished and inspired performance, Primal Roots treated the crowd to standout renditions including their impressive cover of “How Little You Know Me” and the potent new track, “Made in Hell”. Anticipation now mounts for their forthcoming album release – I am so curious to listen to the successor of their “Stand Up” debut, whenever it is ready!

But the time for Aephanemer had come. It is only in the last few months that I have listened with great attention to their albums, and I can say that I like this band. However, it was only after seeing them on stage that I truly understood how exceptional they are. Aephanemer’s setlist was wisely chosen, their sound was incredibly tight and cohesive, their technical prowess was on another level, and most importantly, they were all smiling. They didn’t feel the need to portray themselves as the typical “bad guys” of metal. Aephanemer genuinely seemed happy with what they were doing, and you could see it in their eyes. This positive energy transmitted to the audience, making the entire show a resounding success. Everyone had a blast, and for an hour and a half, we were treated to a crescendo of death metal. The band’s guitar work was monumental, the rhythm section was impressively heavy and the vocal growls were spot-on. It was a phenomenal heavy metal performance, with plenty of interaction between the band and the fans—a magical night of extreme metal gusto and finesse! All, both the band and everyone at HolyWood, were thoroughly satisfied.

The night came to a close, and the message was clear: when a band genuinely enjoys the music it performs, fans can sense it and appreciate it. Primal Roots and Aephanemer are two bands that clearly derive joy from their craft and excel at what they do!

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