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The Fuzztones is a legendary garage rock group, which had been very successful in the 80s and the 90s, an iconic band, known for its groovy, dirty, high-octane garage rock n’ roll, a myth of rock n’ roll with a great, cult status. We had the honor to witness a live show by The Fuzztones, for another time, since the band loves Greece and the Greek fans love the New York city rock n’ rollers!

Rudi Protrudi and his gang graced the stage of Kyttaro live club, in Athens, Greece, delivering a concert that will be etched in the memories of rock n’ roll enthusiasts for years to come. The anticipation in the air was palpable as fans gathered, their excitement building with every passing moment. The venue itself, bathed in dimmed lights and adorned with the emblematic Fuzztones logo, set the stage for an evening of musical transcendence.

The Snails was the support band, a Greek quartet, which plays in a style close to The Fuzztones, yet, you can detect some post-punk and indie rock elements in their music. They began dynamically, some sound problems didn’t bring them down and they managed to win the crowd with their nice, energetic and melodic rock n’ roll songs. The Snails showed they have the talent and musicianship to stand out from the rest and offer us some really decent rock n’ roll releases.  

The Fuzztones, pioneers of the garage rock revival, wasted no time in plunging the audience into their sonic universe. From the first chord, a wave of electrifying energy surged through the venue, instantly establishing a connection between the band and the fervent crowd. Rudi Protrudi, the enigmatic, emblematic frontman, commanded the stage with a magnetic presence that held the audience captive. His vocals, gritty and laden with emotion, seamlessly intertwined with the blistering guitar riffs and pulsating basslines, creating a phenomenal sonic tapestry. The setlist was a meticulously curated journey through the Fuzztones’ extensive discography, featuring classics like “Ward 81” and “Bad News Travels Fast”. Each song was a proof of the band’s enduring influence on the garage rock genre, with the raw, unfiltered sound echoing through Kyttaro’s walls. The chemistry among band members was unique, with the synchronicity between Rudi Protrudi and the other guys creating an irresistible groove. The seamless transitions between tracks showcased not only their technical prowess but also their deep musical camaraderie. The atmosphere reached its zenith during the performance of classic tracks like “1-2-5” and “She’s Wicked” as the crowd erupted in unison, listening to the anthems of a bygone era. The venue was transformed into a pulsating sea of passionate rock enthusiasts, with Rudi Protrudi being the undisputed leader, who sang, played the guitar and the harmonica and shook up like a teenager – or maybe Elvis?! As the final chords reverberated through the venue, and the crowd roared in appreciation, it was evident that The Fuzztones had delivered a performance that transcended the ordinary. The musical journey through their catalog, coupled with the electric atmosphere, created a night that will linger in the hearts of those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

To sum up, The Fuzztones’ live concert in Athens, Greece, was a simple musical event, it was a rock n’ roll feast, a celebration of the enduring power of rock music! A hell of a show indeed, a true, original and pure rock n’ roll experience that left a lasting mark on the collective soul of the crowd, reaffirming the timelessness of The Fuzztones’ contribution to the world of rock music.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri


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