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Piraeus Academy Club played host to an evening of musical enchantment as three exceptional Greek bands, Mr. Trickster, Lupe and Jacks Full, took the stage. Myth of Rock had the pleasure of attending this memorable concert, where all bands showcased their prowess in the realms of sophisticated rock n’ roll, gothic/art rock and heavy/stoner rock/metal respectively, creating an monumental experience for the audience.

Mr. Trickster was the first band of this night’s program, which warmed up the audience with its weird dose of all-around rock. I didn’t catch their set from the beginning, but what I saw and heard was more than satisfying. It seems that this band has many things to tell, many things to offer. Let’s see what they hold for the future!

Mr. Trickster left the stage and Lupe, one of the best newcomer gothic/art rock bands, in my personal opinion, took the attendees on a captivating journey through ethereal, ambient soundscapes. Lupe manage to blend intricate instrumentals with soul-stirring vocals and for another time, they created an immersive experience, leaving the crowd spellbound. We listened to tracks from the forthcoming album of the band, “Seeker of Sound”, plus some older ones and a couple of unreleased tunes. Lupe have succeeded in finding the straits, where gothic rock and art/prog rock meet. Every time I witness a concert of Lupe, I feel I lose my mind, I feel shivers down my spine, I travel somewhere far away. With a majestic new album in their baggage, Lupe gave a mesmerizing show, proving that they have found the missing link between dark and light, black and white, gothic and rock. I believe in them, and this live show gave us another reason why. Heavenly music by Greece’s finest!    

Following the phenomenon of Lupe, the atmosphere shifted gears as Jacks Full, the Greek heavy/stoner metal powerhouse, took command of the stage. From the first riff, it was evident that the audience was in for a loud and groovy ride. Jacks Full brought a relentless energy to Piraeus Academy Club, with thunderous drumming, rough vocals, crushing guitar riffs and a heavy as hell bass! The crowd responded with headbanging enthusiasm, fully immersed in the sonic onslaught. This live show of Jacks Full was a first time experience for me, and a killer one, I must add! The power trio merges various nuances of the heavy rock sound, collecting elements from the 70s until the 00s – you will find hard rock, stoner rock, alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal in their unique mixture of notes! Take into consideration that they covered Pink Floyd and Socrates and you may understand what they are trying to do! Jacks Full know how to rock and roll, and their concerts are a bloody sacrifice to the spirits of loud rock/metal music!     

What made this concert particularly special was the seamless transition from Mr. Trickster’s rock n’ roll to Lupe’s gothic/art rock and Jacks Full’s heavy/stoner metal. The contrast between genres created a dynamic atmosphere that kept the audience engaged … The Greek (heavy) rock scene is deep, full of talent, and breathes with concerts like this one. It was an unforgettable sonic apocalypse!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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