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So, it was a beautiful, starry Saturday night, when we went to the Lazy Club for the presentation of George Gakis’ new album, “Parallel Dimensions” – produced in The States by Kip Winger and released worldwide by Rock of Angels Records. We were very anxious to listen to the new songs, live and loud!

There was a super cozy and friendly atmosphere at the Club, as Gakis, accompanied by The Troublemakers, spoke before each song, explaining everything about it – how he was inspired, the song’s theme, something really helpful for the listener, who prepared for what was coming and heard the songs from the aspect of the composer … The new album by George Gakis talks about love, southern witch’s spell, the loss of his dear father (in the very moving ballad “My Daddy Said”), betrayal, anger, it talks about life itself. The album has very beautiful melodies, it is a pureblood mainstream hard rock album with bluesy sounds, without hesitating to show the more sentimental side of the famous singer. George wrote all the songs himself, as this album is mainly about his life and experiences, but it also touches on his concerns and seekings in life. He confided in us that the album’s title song (“Parallel Dimensions”) came up after long talks with his friend Joe Lynn Turner, who believes in the existence of such things – who knows, maybe they are real! … The order of the set list was deliberately different from the album track listing, as the artist wanted to climax the sound and to finish with the amazing hard rock song “Who Made You a Woman”. Gakis sang with true passion, heart and soul. The tone and depth of his voice gave you chills and simultaneously touched you, making you want more and more. The set was divided into two parts – the first one was about the new album, and after a short break, the second one started with two songs from his previous works, one of them being the Greek traditional song “Mi me Kitas” in a heavy rock rendition. Then, Gakis went on with covers of some of his favorite artists – Deep Purple, Chris Cornell, Bad Company and of course, Whitesnake!

It was a marvelous night, with the crowd cheering and dancing to the rock and roll rhythms. It was like jamming with a friend and celebrating all together the release of his new album! Well done, George – that’s exactly what we want to hear from you!

Iro Kalligeri

photos by Iro Kalligeri


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