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Green Lung, a cult band and one of the most intriguing groups in the occult rock genre, has been making waves since emerging from London a few years ago. With their 2023 album, “This Heathen Land,” they have firmly established their presence in the contemporary heavy rock scene. We had the privilege of hosting Green Lung in Athens, Greece, and in this article, you will find an account of their electrifying live performance at the Fuzz Club.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Saturday Night Satan was chosen to open for Green Lung, giving me the opportunity to witness this Greek occult rock band for the second time, just days after their performance at the Up The Hammers 2024 Festival. I enjoyed their set at An Club, and they did not disappoint at Fuzz Club either! The band was well-prepared, thoroughly rehearsed, and delivered a heavy rock recital that showcased their mastery of the genre. Katerina’s vocals were both passionate and precise, Jim Kotsis’ bass lines provided a solid rhythm, and the rest of the band crafted a flawless sound. Their tracks from the debut album “All Things Black” were heavy, catchy, and effectively set the stage for the main act. It was the perfect prelude to what was to come!

After enjoying Saturday Night Satan’s wicked heavy rock, we were primed to welcome the headliners, Green Lung. I’ll be honest – Green Lung hasn’t been a favorite of mine, but I was certain they would put on a spectacular show. And that’s exactly what they did! The English occult/pagan heavy rockers transported us into their captivating and enchanting world. Their seductive performance was anchored by their latest full-length release, but they also treated us to many other Green Lung tracks. It felt like a pagan feast, with the band playing brilliantly and the fans shouting, headbanging and dancing. The intricate guitar work, combined with powerful drums and bass, created a magical foundation upon which the magnificent keyboards and soaring vocals were expertly layered. However, it was the band’s passion and authenticity that truly made their show exceptional. They pour their souls into their music and deliver an outstanding performance for their fans. I’ll be honest again – I’m not a huge fan of Green Lung, but after this show, they are definitely a band I will follow and listen to. Absolutely!
Green Lung and Saturday Night Satan showcased their deep love for heavy rock music, delivering an otherworldly performance that felt out of space and time, and will be remembered for a long time. Clearly, the best is yet to come for both bands!

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