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Bryan Adams’ latest concert in Athens, Greece, four years ago, was a wonderful experience, which made me a fan of him. So, the anticipation and the expectations for Adams’s new live performance in Athens was huge. Bryan Adams has long held a legendary status as a performing musician, and a recent live show only served to reaffirm why. The concert, a spectacular display of musical prowess and infectious energy, unfolded over a riveting two-hour journey, a beautiful present for all the fans of the iconic Canadian star.

Moments before the beginning of the show, a “car” flew over the audience, who filled the Basketball Arena. As the stage lights dimmed and the video wall showed how God made rock n’ roll, Adams emerged, and from the very first chord, the crowd was transported into a marvelous universe that only a seasoned performer like Adams could create. The setlist was a perfect amalgamation of his timeless classics and tracks from his latest album, “So Happy It Hurts”, a proof of Adams’ ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the past and the present. The live renditions of his big hits, like “Summer of ’69”, “Heaven”, “Please Forgive Me” and “Run to You,” were nothing short of exhilarating. Adams’ signature voice resonated with a raw, unbridled power that only comes from decades of honing one’s craft. The audience, caught in the sonic embrace of each melody, responded with an energy that reverberated throughout the venue.

One of the standout features of the performance was Adams’ remarkable interaction with the audience. A true maestro of crowd engagement, he effortlessly connected with fans, creating an intimate atmosphere in the midst of a sea of admirers. Whether through heartfelt anecdotes or spontaneous interactions, Adams ensured that every person in the venue felt like a part of something truly special. It was a celebration of a great career and an ode to the timeless connection between artist and audience – following Adams, everyone had a fantastic time, and we all sang the lyrics, danced, yelled and laughed! Watching Bryan Adams live is something you can never forget, a moment enshrined in your memory, a moment you keep in your heart forever! Of course, the fans who were in the first rows, were privileged to request their favorite songs, and Adams played them!  

In conclusion, Bryan Adams’ live show was nothing short of superb. It was a music trip that spanned decades, showcasing a remarkable artist at the peak of his abilities. The passion, the energy, and the genuine connection with the audience transformed a night of rock music into an unforgettable show. Bryan Adams continues to stand tall, a beacon of timeless rock euphoria. What a gig, my god! 

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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