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It has been a long time, since we saw Uriah Heep live for the last time in Greece. I thought I had enough with Uriah Heep of the last years, so I would not be frank, if I told you that I was excited to see the band in concert again.

The news that the tickets were sold out made me arrive at the venue a bit early, and that ensured two things – a pretty good view to the stage and the experience of watching the support band (Chrysilia) live. Chrysilia is a female fronted band, which released its symphonic/melodic metal debut album in 2017 and won a lot of fans, promising a bright future. They entered the stage furiously and played their bombastic stuff impressively. And although Chrysilia are a lot heavier than Uriah Heep, the crowd, which filled the hall, seemed to like their songs.

But Uriah Heep‘s time had come. The legendary British band didn’t leave the audience waiting for long. As the band appeared on stage, the fans went crazy, screaming and shaking. It was obvious that Mick Box and company were determined to play loud and heavy, in their unique classic, 70’s style. The sound was perfect, the melodies were strong and warm, the feeling was incomparable. To our dislike, Uriah Heep decided to play many songs from their latest album and from the Bernie Shaw era – that doesn`t mean that there were any weak moments in the live show, since all the songs that the band played were great, in excellent performances. During the whole show, the audience was excited, but, of course, the classic 70’s Uriah Heep tracks, like “Return to Fantasy”, “Easy Livin”, “July Morning”, “Gypsy” etc., were the undeniable highlights of a fantastic show. Either you have been present to a lot Uriah Heep shows or you were a first-timer, this concert was outstanding! Long live the magician!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


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