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So it was Saturday night, when we attended Temple, in Athens, Greece, in order to see Unverkalt performing their new album for the very first time! A night of celebration, a night to remember! 

by Iro Kalligeri

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Sevengill were the opening band, they entered a dark stage to present their songs, most of them from their new album, “Sea”, which were so atmospheric, ominous, sad and emotional that really got us in another universe, travelling us to dark places, preparing us perfectly for Unverkalt! The band performed some long, post metal songs with very few, brutal vocals, that seemed to be the soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic movie with a bad ending. The songs were really atmospheric and emotional, and the lack of vocals emphasized the feeling of the music. We were very pleased with Sevengill’s performance and the audience wanted more, but it was time for Unverkalt to come out and take over the stage!

And they did it really good, as the singer Dimitra Kalavrezou sung with her soul and with lot of passion, like a metal siren, like the metal version of Florence and the Machine! Her vocals were an absolute fit for the songs and her theatrical stage presence took the band to another level! The post metal band from Greece played songs from their previous album “L’ Origine du Monde” and from their latest, concept album, “A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers”, an album with a cinematic style. Unverkalt, while mixing post metal and alternative rock elements, presented us their interesting and complex compositions, filled with emotions, shifts, melodies and changes that made the crowd cheer! The band sank us into the darkness of human nature and human pain and carried on the feeling that we were in a movie – something Sevengill started.

It was also Dimitra’s birthday, the blowing out of the birthday candles was the perfect ending of the night! We wish the best for Dimitra and the band, whose latest album is definitely a success with a strong impact in the post metal scene!

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