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Soundtruck is one of the best hard rock bands that Greece has, and as far as I know, their live shows are great. However, I hadn’t seen them in a concert, so their headline performance at Kyttaro, Athens (GR), was a perfect chance for me to experience the band live. The program contained also Black Odyssey and The RatPack Racers, and you could easily tell that it would be a very interesting evening for rock and metal music fans.

The first band to appear was Black Odyssey, the heavy metallers from Athens, who came to Kyttaro to play their material with confidence and passion. That’s exactly what we saw that night – a new band, which presented its songs, giving their best, giving all they had. I liked very much their stuff, and what impressed me was the singer, who gave an excellent, heartfelt recital, the top class guitar work and the crystal clear sound of the rhythm section. Black Odyssey’s set concluded with a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” – they managed to warm-up the attendees and left the stage while being applauded.

Up next was The RatPack Racers, the rock n’ roll/rockabilly band from Athens. It wasn’t the most obvious choice after Black Odyssey, however, I was super-exited with their performance. I had many years to listen to such a genuine, original rock n’ roll band live, and I had a great time. Yes, I believe most of the audience had fun too, since The RatPack Racers showed us how much they like and how well they know to rock n’ roll! It was a marvelous performance, their own songs and their covers were amazing and it was the perfect appetizer, before the classic hard rock of Soundtruck. The RatPack Racers played with finesse and enthusiasm, they were very good indeed, and gave us a cool show, which won’t be easily forgotten. But the time passed by and …

Soundtruck were about to take the center stage! Yes, the instruments were set, the lights came on and the great Greek hard rock band hit the stage of Kyttaro! Their sound was phenomenal, exuding readiness, tightness, and solidity, with every aspect of their set being superb! To be frank, I noted that their songs sounded much better live! They played their classic hard rock with power and passion, they exhibited all their southern rock and blues rock elements, and make us want more and more. Soundtruck played many of their best songs, they took us on a wild ride and they mesmerized every one of us! The vocalist sung beautifully, the guitars were heavy and clear and the rhythm section served as the backbone of Soundtruck’s music. We are talking about a compelling live show, with amazing rockers and ballads, with memorable moments of awesome artistry! I liked every second of this concert, Soundtruck were incredibly good and the fans enjoyed an exceptional hard rock show! And the cover of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac was breathtaking!


Overall, it was a beautiful heavy rock/metal night, which left us the best impressions! Black Odyssey gave the metal touch, The RatPack Racers were gorgeous rock n’ rollers and Soundtruck took us by storm! What a nice combination!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

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