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Greek Alice Cooper tribute band Snakebite had set a new rendezvous with rock fans in Athens and of course, Myth of Rock couldn’t miss this rock feast! This time the venue was Rock Architecture, which proved to be a haven for all Greek Alice Cooper fans.

Some minutes before 11 o’clock, Motorun started their fantastic set, which included covers to famous hard rock/heavy metal songs, but also two songs of Stelios Ventas, who played that night with Motorun. The Greeks showed talent and passion, since they covered perfectly songs like Thin Lizzy’s “Emerald”, Saxon’s “Princess of the Night”, Iron Maiden’s “Running Free”, Dio’s “Holy Diver”, etc. I admired Ventas’ excellent guitar playing, but also the solid rhythm section of the band, which managed to warm up the audience! Motorun said goodbye to us in applause – I would really like to see them live again!

Few minutes later, Snakebite took the stage on this thrilling Saturday night. I could say that through the mesmerizing performance of this talented tribute band, it felt like Alice Cooper was there in front of us! In a stage dimly lit, adorned with items of Alice Cooper’s macabre aesthetic, Snakebite kicked off their set and immediately electrified the atmosphere with their renditions of classic Alice Cooper songs. They flawlessly replicated songs like “I’m Eighteen”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Welcome to My Nightmare”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Steven”, “Under My Wheels”, “House of Fire”, “Poison”, “Hey Stoopid”, “Feed My Frankenstein” and the list goes on! We lived over two hours of historic hits (plus two songs from Cooper’s latest album, “Road”).  True to Alice Cooper’s theatrical style, Snakebite incorporated elaborate theatrics into their performance and a female dancer slithered around the stage during some selected songs, adding a captivating element to the show. Konstantinos Kouzigiannis, Antonis Papadopoulos and the others recreated with precision Alice Cooper’s music trademarks and theatrics, engaging everyone in the audience. You could see happy faces of the fans, who were singing along the big refrains of Cooper’s discography. Snakebite’s performance culminated during the encore of “School’s Out”, leaving the audience craving for more!

Snakebite succeeded in paying homage to the master of shock rock and we had a great time! As always, the guys from Snakebite were excellent and the audience experienced this fine recreation of Alice Cooper’s rock n’ roll spirit.  The night had been an unforgettable journey into the world of shock rock, celebrating the enduring legacy of Alice Cooper.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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