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Rockin’ the Blues is a Greek covers band, which focuses mainly on the hard rock classics of the 60s and 70s, a group of friends, who love rock n’ roll music and give their rendition of their favorite songs. Led by Michalis Armagos (guitar), the band consists of three other members,  Nikos Tsiboukis (guitar, vocals), Dimitris Gasparatos (bass, vocals) and Costas Kalogirou (drums). The appointment was set for the 2nd of December, 2023, at the My Place bar in Cholargos, Athens. Myth of Rock was there and delved into the unique experience Rockin’ The Blues brought to the few attendees.

The night bar was ready to welcome Rockin’ the Blues, who prepared to take the spotlight. Known for their energetic renditions of classic hits, the atmosphere was charged with excitement. The small stage, containing only the basics, was ready and all eyes and ears were waiting for the quartet to start their set.

Soon enough, the four musicians hit the stage and started their hard rock tribute! From the first to the last chord, Rockin’ the Blues demonstrated an impressive command of their instruments and the atmosphere was charged with excitement. The two guitarists skillfully navigated through iconic songs of classic rock, infusing each note with their passion and emotion. The rhythm section maintained a tight groove, providing a solid foundation for the entire performance. The vocal delivery was both powerful and soulful, capturing the essence of the rock n’ roll classics. Rockin’ the Blues covered bands/artists like Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Cream, The Steve Miller Band, Rory Gallagher, The Hooters, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc., in excellent performances, which brought us to an auditory euphoria! The band’s meticulous song selection, all of them being familiar favorites and well-known gems, took the audience on a musical journey through the roots of heavy/hard rock. Each cover was approached with a level of respect for the original while injecting the band’s own flavor, making the performance feel both nostalgic and fresh. The thoughtful, heartfelt and dynamic pacing of Rockin’ the Blues kept us engaged throughout the entire set, leaving no room for monotony. Together with the band, we reached rock n’ roll heaven!

After two hours (or more?!), the Greek group left the small, dimly lit stage of My Place bar applauded. This rock n’ roll night was amazing, an unforgettable experience for all the people who had the luck to be there! Until next time, stay safe and rock on!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

Photos by Iro Kalligeri

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