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The walls of Kyttaro in Athens, Greece, reverberated with the thunderous sounds of hard rock and heavy metal on the 5th of January 2024, as fans gathered for a night of homage to two iconic legends – Metallica and Ronnie James Dio! The rendezvous was set, many hard rock/heavy metal fans were there to celebrate the music of these historic acts in a music feast – for sure, the best way for the new year to begin!

The stage was ready, and the evening kicked off with the relentless energy of Adrenalin, a Metallica tribute band that set the tone for a night of ear-shattering classics. Adrenalin, with their unwavering dedication to Metallica’s original recordings, unleashed a powerhouse performance. The guitars roared with intensity, the vocals were in-your-face and the rhythm section heavy as an anvil, capturing the essence of Metallica’s timeless catalog. The audience was drawn into the sonic onslaught, appreciating the authenticity of the tribute band’s rendition.

The night truly belonged to Rock n’ Roll Children, the Greek Dio tribute band, who took the stage with a three-hour set, dedicated to the legendary Ronnie James Dio. From the first note to the last, Rock n’ Roll Children delivered an extraordinary performance that will be remembered for a long, long time! Vocalist Yiannis Papanikolaou stole the spotlight with his incredible singing, showcasing both technical skill and an infectious mood. His vocals soared through the venue, channeling the spirit of Ronnie James Dio himself. Guitarist Manolis Tsigkos played with soulful precision, combining memorable technique with a solemn stage presence. Between songs, he interacted with the audience, sharing prologues and stories that added a personal touch to the performance. The entire band, including a heavy and steady bass, solid and groovy drums and majestic keyboards, created a sonic tapestry that paid homage to the Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio. Rock n’ Roll Children went above and beyond, infusing each song with passion and staying true to the originals. The inclusion of guest stars, such as Minas Tsigos, Anastasia Basta, George Margaritopoulos, Takis Tsamouropoulos, Marios Karanastasis, Aggeliki Rossolatou, Peter Papapetros and others,  added an extra layer of brilliance to an already stellar show.

The atmosphere at Kyttaro was electric, with fans immersed in the celebration of Ronnie James Dio and his enduring classics. The seamless collaboration between Rock n’ Roll Children and their guest stars elevated the evening, creating unique moments for every hard rock and heavy metal enthusiast present. The audience reveled in the captivating performance, making it a night to be cherished in the annals of the Greek hard rock and metal scene. Thank you, guys!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri

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