by MythofRock

Last Friday, on the 10th of November 2023, Broken Morning, My Endless Winter and Reversed promised us a rock/metal night of sonic diversity at the historic An Club, in Athens. And indeed, they gave us exactly what they promised! Myth of Rock had the privilege of attending this diverse live show and experiencing the unique flavors each band brought to the table. The menu had three Greek bands, which played only for us that night!

The event kicked off with Broken Morning, a heavy/doom rock/metal outfit that aimed to captivate the few fans, who had already come to the venue, with their dynamic, energetic set. However, I didn’t like the band’s own compositions, which seemed to me a bit boring. The raw power, the intensity and the vintage approach were evident, but it didn’t strike a chord with those seeking a more nuanced heavy rock experience. Besides that, their sound was too awfully loud, but we should blame the engineer for that.

The atmosphere shifted dramatically with the entrance of My Endless Winter, a nu-rock/metal band that effortlessly blended heavy riffs with melodic undertones. From the first note, it was apparent that this group had a tight musical cohesion, delivering a performance that left a lasting mark on the audience. The dynamic interplay between the instruments and the soulful (rap and melodic) vocals created a sonic landscape that attracted fans of both rock and nu-metal. Their songs were really beautiful and rewarding, as the band follows the way of Linkin’ Park, Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit. They have the talent, the musicianship and the feeling needed to distinguish from the rest. Catch this band, they deserve it! 

Closing the night on a high note, Reversed took the stage, unleashing a sonic assault of alternative/modern heavy metal. The band’s tight musicianship and charismatic stage presence immediately commanded attention. Each song was a journey into the depths of modern metal, with powerful vocals and intricate guitar work that showcased their prowess. The crowd responded enthusiastically, solidifying Reversed as the standout act of the evening. Of course, the Greek alt metal band built its set around the captivating EP, “Diana”, but all the tracks of their set list were superb – Reversed is a group of musicians who combine technique with vision, passion and inspiration. They have their influences (for example Nickelback, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, etc.), which help them to integrate their own sound and style. Their performance, emotional, solid and electrifying, was a sonic phenomenon, which gained them many new fans. Surely, the future belongs to bands like Reversed! 

As a conclusion, Broken Morning didn’t convince us, My Endless Winter and Reversed delivered impressive, bombastic performances though. We witnessed a great rock/metal event, which served as a reminder of the richness and variety inherent in the world of rock and metal music. What a night!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri

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