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Supporting the big, famous metal bands is very important, however, supporting the younger, local metal bands is even more important. The only way to secure the future of this music is to help the new bands, who are trying hard to make a name and become more popular. So, when the news about the Next Gen Blood Festival broke, Myth of Rock was excited, as two upcoming bands of the Greek metal scene would play live together – the promising Lazy Man’s Load and the mighty Project Renegade. Right below you can read our impressions from that night …

This first Next Gen Blood Festival would take place in Piraeus Club Academy, a small and cozy venue. I was there on time to enjoy the first band, Lazy Man’s Load. I was not familiar with them, however, they managed to win the crowd, who had already filled the venue, including me. The band from Athens, Greece, plays in a heavy rock/stoner style and soon as they played the first notes, everyone present understood that Lazy Man’s Load is a silent force! Yes, they performed their heavy rock music with conviction and dignity, persuading us that they have the talent and the balls to continue the heavy rock traditions. Very confident, very comfortable and simple, the five members of the band showcased their massive riffs, their catchy refrains, their passionate rhythms. I became a fan of Lazy Man’s Load, without a doubt this band rocks big time and the future belongs to them. For 75-80 minutes we tasted true and heartfelt heavy rock by a band, who sounds already mature and capable of big things! Congratulations to this fiery quintet!


After the loud and proud performance of Lazy Man’s Load, it was time to enjoy the unique, the phenomenal Project Renegade. I had seen this band live a lot of times in the past and they always were fantastic. So, I knew what I would see. Well, this time the band was even better! Project Renegade hit the stage triumphantly and catapulted their fine blend of modern metal, where Lacuna Coil meets Slipknot and Korn. A full venue welcomed the Athenian band and what we witnessed was colossal. Project Renegade works as an accomplished, mature professional act, which has certain goals and knows the way to achieve them: they give everything they have, they play like there is no tomorrow, they really communicate with their fans. Marianna (vocals) was superb in her vocal and stage performance, so did the other guys of the band, who furiously tear down everything. The playlist was wisely chosen and included songs from the past, the present and the future of the band – my personal favorite moments of the set were “The Fix Is In” and “Bloodwitch”, which drove crazy all the fans in the club! Almost one hour and a half with Project Renegade was pure pleasure for both sides, and the band left the stage in ecstasy! It was a blast!

We took our way home, with a big smile on our faces, as we had a great time with two amazing Greek bands  – Lazy Man’s Load, who took us by storm, and Project Renegade, who proved they are a well-established, distinguished band … it is the blood of the next generation!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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