by MythofRock

Hornstull is a very popular area in Stockholm, where also Debaser is, but there are some nice bars and restaurants, where the locals usually go out during the working days, and of course especially on a Friday night. And when you have the chance to see Per Wiberg, performing live his solo band songs, you never turn down the opportunity. Per is a very special and unique musician, with such an impressive career and contributions to so many different bands, genres etc. Therefore, this show has been so much anticipated by myself. Due o the fact that Per does not actually have a full band in the normal way, and most of the stuff is done by him, some of his friends contributed as well to the show: Nicklas Barker from Anekdoten and Morte Macabre played rhythm guitars, Micke Tuominen from Solitär played bass and contributed some backing vocals and Jesper Skarin from Switch Opens, VAK and Misery Loves Co played drums. Of course, Per was on the keyboards, the lead/rhythm guitars and the vocals. Actually, the way they played for almost 50-55 minutes, looked and sounded like they have been playing altogether for a long time! They played songs from Per’s LP and EP, with a fantastic groove, energy and a very solid and convincing attitude. The audience enjoyed very much the show in the basement of Snotty Seaside, something that did not affect at all the sound, the performance and the overall feeling. There is no need to mention how good Per is on keyboards, guitar solos but also on vocals – this incredible ability of him to adjust to different conditions and situations is a trademark of his. Looking forward for new material and also to seeing him playing live soon again! New Rose is a band that I have not been familiar with before, although this will definitely change, as I liked their sound and live performance. This is an indie rock band of three excellent musicians, who have released one record so far (too bad as they are so good!) and they kick ass on stage! Raw energy, great feeling and good vibes, also incorporating different influences from new wave and ‘80s rock, all delivered in a very fresh and modern way. Daniel Bengtson on bass, Niklas Korssell on drums and Gustav Nygren both on vocals and guitars is definitely a great band to watch. And a great band to end a beautiful Friday night – till next time!

Antonis Mantzavinos

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