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The new Metallica album, “72 Seasons”, is more than descent, it kicks ass, and takes a big nine out of ten … for 72 reasons! Dimitris Zacharopoulos has noted down these 72 reasons for you, and they are the following …!

  1. “72 Seasons” is in the vein of “Hardwired … to Self-Destruct”, but more inspired and catchier.
  2. The guitar riffs are killer.
  3. The melodies are haunting.
  4. The vocal lines are hooky.
  5. The refrains are made for endless sing-along.
  6. The guitar solos are dramatic.
  7. Listening to these screaming guitars, you want to play air guitar!
  8. The tunes drive you crazy and you wanna head bang all the time!
  9. The bass and the drums build a strong wall of sound.
  10. The amazing themes come one after another, in every song, making our metal dreams come true.
  11. This is an absolute metal thrashing album.
  12. It has elements from all the albums of the band’s discography – even from “Load” and “Reload”.
  13. The DNA of the band is contained here at 100% – pure Metallica inside every song.
  14. The sound production of Greg Fidelman is crystal clear, loud and majestic.
  15. James Hetfield sings confidently, spitting the words.
  16. Hetfield’s voice tone is pretty much the same in every track, but, yeah, it tastes good.
  17. Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield weave a complex guitar web.
  18. Hammett is very often using the “wah – wah” technique in his guitar playing. Great!
  19. Lars Ulrich pounds the drums like a lunatic.
  20. Robert Trujillo fills and supports the songs in an aristocratic way.
  21. The rhythm section is unbeatable – the perfect basis that every band would wish for.
  22. The groove of the songs is heavy, like an anvil in endless motion.
  23. The lyrics are personal and emotional.
  24. Apart from that, the lyrics rhyme nicely and have been put with fantasy and wisdom.
  25. Hetfield took his inner darkness and turned it to light.
  26. That’s why we have a dark album with a big light at the end of the tunnel.
  27. The beast of Metallica is awake – again, screaming and devouring.
  28. Rager is probably the best description for both music and lyrics of “72 Seasons”.
  29. There are no dated clichés here – only fresh, classy ideas.
  30. The album’s compositions are great, no fillers, just killers!
  31. The album contains the history of heavy metal music – it’s everything here, from Deep Purple to Diamond Head and from Black Sabbath to the thrash metal of ”Kill ‘Em All”, ”Master of Puppets” and “… And Justice For All”.
  32. We all have a new motto: Full-speed or nothing!
  33. Metallica shows us how thrash metal should sound in the year 2023.
  34. The way the songs are structured and orchestrated is exceptional.
  35. Listen to the breaks, the beginnings and the endings. A sonic maze.
  36. The epic, long songs don’t let you get bored, just super-satisfied.
  37. The album’s songs will surely sound perfect in live concerts – real crowd-pleasers!
  38. David Turner’s album cover is clever and unique – see it and you won’t forget it.
  39. There’s so much feeling from the first to the last second of the record.
  40. And if course, great passion.
  41. Although the album has no ballads, at the end you won’t remember that – the quality of the album won’t let you.
  42. It’s sounding modern and vintage at the same time.
  43. It’s sounding simple and intricate – at the same time, again.
  44. The songs sound so well-rehearsed, worked till the very last note.
  45. You understand that the band had much fun recording these new songs.
  46. The album shows its beauties, only after some listening sessions.
  47. There is a live feeling in all the songs.
  48. We can hear Robert Trujillo singing some background vocals in ”You Must Burn”.
  49. ”Lux Æterna” is Metallica’s tribute to the song ”It’s Electric” by Diamond Head.
  50. There is s fine, tight relationship between the band members – you can hear that in every track of this new album.
  51. There is a homage to the legendary Deep Purple in the song ”Screaming Suicide”.
  52. The title of the album is very smart – the first 72 Seasons in our lives are the most important – and ”72 Seasons” is one significant album in our lives.
  53. The album, due to its sound, will appeal not only to the middle-aged metal fans, but also to the younger generations.
  54. It is obvious that Metallica’s metal machine works properly again – forget the fear, the pain and the second thoughts of the recent past.
  55. The album starts with the storming title track, which shows Metallica’s intentions right from the beginning.
  56. ”72 Seasons” continues with big songs of relentless thrashy heavy metal.
  57. And ends with ”Inamorata”, a heavy and doomy mid-tempo masterpiece.
  58. The members of the band are clean now and sober, something recognizable in every song of the new album.
  59. This album is cathartic for the four members, not a problem, not an issue, but the right solution.
  60. Throughout the album, everything is in peak – that is an absolute metal delirium.
  61. Metallica play the music they like – and you can understand that from even the first listening session.
  62. Metallica aren’t kids any more – they know what they want and how to achieve it!
  63. However, they seem like they are reckless teenagers, who got their first guitars and have started playing their first songs!
  64. It’s an album made by fans, for fans!
  65. “72 Seasons” is the band’s 11th album, but it sounds it’s their debut!
  66. The album lasts 77 minutes, but it flows like a flooded stream of water.
  67. It’s the quarantine album of Metallica – the band had to time to test new ideas, jam, rehearse and create the best result!
  68. Metallica have many things to say – listen to them in these twelve fantastic new songs.
  69. “72 Seasons” sounds like the 2023 version of “Black Album”.
  70. An album, which makes us shout again loud – Metallica!
  71. Behold one of the best metal albums of our times!
  72. Behold classic Metallica!

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