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As soon as I learned about the release of Lupe’s new, third album, I got excited. Imagine my positive reaction, when I was informed that Lupe would play live in Athens, Greece. It would be a special show for Lupe, on the occasion of his new album release, titled “Seeker Of Sound”. This live show would be a nice surprise for me and the other Lupe’s fans. Continue reading, I have so many things to tell you!

The concert would take place in Ilion Plus live stage and would begin at 21:00 o’clock. Vegan Mosquitoes were selected to be the opening band. A four-piece act, they play in an alternative, modern rock style, with many different elements – grunge, nu-metal, classic rock can be found in the amalgam of their sound. They are female fronted (they have a female drummer too) and the female vocals, along with the guitar, are the main trademarks of their sound. And they sounded so well that night! Yes, the band from Athens, Greece, performed really nice and had a clear, loud sound – it was obvious that they are a well-rehearsed, hardworking band, which has a bright future! Apart from the acoustics, Vegan Mosquitoes had a great set list of their own material – their songwriting has resulted to fantastic songs, which combine melodies and riffs in a superb way! We are talking about a band which has a lot of potential – if they keep up the good work, they will have big success!

Time went by and Lupe’s turn came up. It was the first time I attended a Lupe concert, Lupe’s sophomore album “Dark Room” was phenomenal, so you can understand how I was waiting for the whole live show. Fortunately, Lupe entered the stage without any delay. And Lupe’s entrance was a revelation to me. Firstly, you know, I was waiting to see Michalis Latousakis accompanied by some session band members, however, as Michalis said to us, Lupe is not a solo project anymore, but a regular band, with six permanent members! Secondly, I understood that Lupe have a violinist as a permanent member of the line-up (I love bands with violin, god damn it!). And thirdly, Lupe have a new, young guitarist, whose extraordinary talent blew me away! He is Yiannis Panigirakis, remember his name, he is capable of big things in the future! So, with all these in mind, I enjoyed Lupe’s live show! Michalis Latousakis and his bandmates performed with a lot of passion, energy and confidence, selecting songs mainly from their new album, “Seeker Of Sound”. From what I listened, I can say that this new album is exceptional and sounds much more progressive rock than its predecessors – would it be an exaggeration to say that I sensed many moments, where David Bowie met Pink Floyd?! Within this context, I enjoyed the new version of the song “Dark Room” (my favorite Lupe song, until now), which was played incredibly well. The sound was clear, the fans were cheerful and happy and Michalis Latousakis sung and played his keyboards with devotion and full energy.

That beautiful night was a musical rendezvous, during which Lupe were reborn triumphantly. We witnessed a musical miracle and cannot wait until the official release date of “Seeker Of Sound”! Welcome Lupe – again please!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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