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One of the best, most promising Greek newcomer stoner/heavy metal bands, Lazy Man’s Load, organized the live presentation of its new, sophomore album, “Saints Full of Sin”, and Myth of Rock couldn’t be absent! The rendezvous was set one week ago, at the historical venue of Kyttaro, where The Ripples and Spektrvm would open for Lazy Man’s Load.

In the dimly lit embrace of Kyttaro, the stage was ready for an evening of metal alchemy as Lazy Man’s Load took the audience on a mesmerizing journey with the live presentation of their sophomore album. The night unfolded as a triumphant tapestry of musical diversity, with two exceptional support acts—The Ripples, a hard rock band, and Spektrvm, an versatile heavy metal powerhouse—ensuring that the crowd remained captivated from start to finish.

The evening kicked off with The Ripples, a female-fronted band that instantly commanded attention. Frontwoman Katerina brought an undeniable charisma to the stage, her powerful vocals weaving seamlessly through the band’s dynamic instrumentation and her stage acting being so glamorous. Their set was a cascade of modern melodic hard rock, punctuated by the infectious hooks, the rock n’ roll persona of Katerina and a palpable energy that set the tone for the evening.

Following The Ripples, Spektrvm took the stage, introducing a sonic landscape that successfully blended prog, doom and nu/post heavy metal influences. The intricate guitar work, the mature and deep vocals and the atmospheric elements created an immersive experience, drawing the audience into a world where melodies and heaviness coexisted with ethereal textures. Spektrvm’s performance demonstrated a sonic maturity that left a lasting impression on the receptive crowd.

Few minutes later, Lazy Man’s Load emerged, under the first riffs that foreshadowed the stoner metal mastery about to unfold. The band wasted no time delving into tracks from their sophomore album, each song a sonic journey through hazy realms of heavy distortion and rhythmic intricacies. The charismatic frontman, Roxx Krash, led the charge, his aggressive but melodic vocals resonating with a quality that mirrored the band’s stoner metal character. Lazy Man’s Load showcased their top-class musicianship, with the mid-tempo grooves and intricate guitar work serving as the backbone of their performance. The crowd, enraptured by great songs like “Heavy is the Crown”, “Prime Evil”, “Fed to the Shrine” and “Slackjawed”, responded with an enthusiastic fervor, the venue pulsating with the collective energy of the band and the audience. From the crushing heaviness of the riffs to the hypnotic allure of the slower, introspective moments, Lazy Man’s Load delivered a performance that transcended the boundaries of conventional stoner metal. The seamless integration of tracks from their sophomore album into the live set created a cohesive and immersive experience. The glorious performance of Lazy Man’s Load culminated in a breathtaking encore that led both sides to a monumental euphoria. It was a celebration for the band and the fans!

The live presentation of Lazy Man’s Load’s sophomore album, coupled with the gorgeous performances of The Ripples and Spektrvm, turned Kyttaro to a haven of artistic ecstasy. The convergence of stoner metal, hard rock, and modern  heavy metal provided a diverse and engaging music ride, underscoring the rich content of Greece’s rock/metal scene. This night will undoubtedly live forever!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri

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