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Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast  WorldTour 2022 visited also Athens, Greece, past Saturday, on the 16th of July, 2022.

Some days have passed since then, and the Greek metal community has been in a great debate, talking about what happened in this significant live show. It is known to almost everybody in the world (such news travels fast), that Bruce Dickinson slammed a Greek fan at that live gig, because he lit a flare in front of him. I read about this story in the social media, in Blabbermouth, Metal Injection etc., everywhere, and everyone has his personal opinion – should Dickinson have blasted the Greek fan? Should he swear at the Greek fan? Was that an insult to the Greek audience? Such questions have divided the Greek metal community, and I think that this live report will be the way of expressing my own point of view.

Let’s remember what happened that evening. Lord of the Lost were the first to storm the stage. The German band played in its modern/melodic gothic metal and really warmed us up for what would follow. Some songs of Lord of the Lost are worthwhile and I believe that we have many things to see from this band from Hamburg in the future.

Airbourne took the baton and conquered the fans with its catchy, dirty, hard rock n’ roll. Watching the Australians play their songs was the right proof of the band’s quality, the right proof that Airbourne is not just copy of AC/DC. They had tons of energy, so much passion and their songs were the fine appetizer for Iron Maiden. Who invaded the stage, after the intro of UFO’s “Doctor Doctor”! What we witnessed was a real blast! Iron Maiden started with three songs from their latest, “Senjutsu” album, which sounded even better live. This bombastic beginning hit the thousands of fans straight between the eyes – the rest of the set was a wise selection of Iron Maiden classics, which the band performed precisely, passionately and with a fantastic, crystal and loud sound. “Iron Maiden”, “Blood Brothers”, “Revelations”, “Fear of the Dark”, “The Trooper”, “Aces High”, “The Clansman” etc. were parts of an unforgettable concert, moments that were carved in our heart and mind! It was a celebration of classic heavy metal, it was an Iron Maiden feast, which pleased everybody (both band and fans) and will never be forgotten. Of course, the stage show was consummate and added to the majesty of this Iron Maiden live concert!

It’s time now to share with you my thoughts about Bruce Dickinson and flares in concerts. The fact that we are talking about things other than the music isn’t positive, however, it is important that every fan has a point of view and shares it with other fans.  

I think that Bruce Dickinson did right and admonished the fan with the flare. Flares in a live concert may prove dangerous and harmful for both the band on stage and the fans. We shall not forget that there were women, children and people with health problems in the audience, who should not breathe smoke. Apart from that, Dickinson was singing, he was doing his job and any smoke may cause him difficulties in his singing. And don’t forget, there is always a risk of fire, when a flare is lit. So, Dickinson was right and slammed the Greek fan. But, hey, should he have sworn at the fan (he called him “Greek c*nt” and said “f*ck you”)? Well, Dickinson got angry and people usually swear, when they get angry! The fan didn’t respect Dickinson, so Iron Maiden’s singer didn’t respect him too! I can’t see, where the problem is. If Dickinson thinks that the Greek fan is a “c*nt”, Dickinson is free to express his thought!

I understand that lighting flares is celebratory in a way for Greek fans, however, the consequences may be negative and sad for everybody. Greek fans think that they are in a football match, and that they celebrate the goals of their team by lighting flares. But, who said that flares are safe in football matches? Flare are always dangerous, everywhere! So, before lighting a flare, please reconsider it. Don’t take it personally, it is a matter of my and your safety …

All in all, this night with Iron Maiden was fantastic, a real blast and a real precious experience. I don’t want to stand any more on what followed the music concert, I think that it is enough with the flares and the swearing! Come on, always let the music do the talking!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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