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Gus G Guitar Clinic – Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Athens, Greece), 24/04/2018

by MythofRock


On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at 18:00, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, located in the center of Athens, held the Guitar Clinic Seminar of our beloved Gus G, founder and mastermind of the amazing Greek power metallers Firewind.

People began to gather early in the really beautiful amphitheater of the Conservatory. If I had calculated correctly, we should have been at least 200 people, most of them being students and teachers of the conservatory, fans of Gus G and Firewind, as well as families with very young children. It is worth noting that the entrance to the event was free, offered by the Conservatory Philippos Nakas in collaboration with Jackson Guitars Official.

People welcomed Gus with a loud prolonged applause, several yells and cheers, and he responded with a very warm smile saying jokingly that he felt like he was in a concert. I was once again impressed by this great artist who, above all, showed he was a gentle and simple man. He was accessible, friendly and available to answer all of our questions, many of which concerned technical issues related to the equipment he used, ways of learning and studying the guitar, secrets that could help a new guitarist, but also more personal questions about his life, Ozzy and Firewind.

At this point I would like to mention that Gus was accompanied by his friend and collaborator at Firewind, Bob Katsionis, who was involved several times in the chat. I want to emphasize that both showed great respect to the audience, without a trace of obstinacy, friendly enough. I really wish that they continue with their musical journey and give us several creative moments in the future.

Apart from the chat, however, there was also the music that everyone enjoyed -Gus played songs by Firewind and his personal career, in his unique way, raising people off their seats. Reference was made to Jackson’s new guitars, which were really gorgeous and especially to the Custom Model specifically designed for him.

But all the good things, unfortunately, end and Gus G said goodbye to us all, one to one, signing autographs and taking pictures, tireless, smiling, just incredible. We thank him and all those who have contributed to this, I hope in the future to see again such other events.

Nikos Arvanitis

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