by MythofRock

Although this winter there are surprisingly few concerts, that wasn’t the reason we were looking forward to Enter Shikari’s one. Their nine-year absence from our local scene and the nostalgia of our teens were the main reasons amongst many that brought us at the Gagarin 205 stage.

The evening started with Lake Malice, an English band that were loyal to their date with the Greek audience. This new band just released their new EP, which we listened to it complete! They were definitely a wise choice by Enter Shikari to go on a tour together. The band of three, with Alice on vocals, filled the stage, or at least what was left of it, as Enter Shikari’s equipment took up a large part of it. Alice with her super hero-like bodysuit excited the Greek audience with her energy, prompting us to jump and do mosh-pits. There is no doubt that they have conveyed their enthusiasm and dynamism to us, they have all the attributes to succeed.

It’s time for Enter Shikari to come up on stage and that’s how the show begins. At first, I thought I knew what to expect (being in their previous concert), but I got disproved from the very first seconds. I had no idea. Impressive lights and visuals, Enter Shikari, with almost ten years more experience from the last time, created an unrepeatable atmosphere. With “Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour…” they awakened our memories and we didn’t stop singing. One of the highlights surely was “Quickfire Round”, as they call it, it definitely sounds fitting, as we’re talking about four songs, more specifically “Havoc B”, “Bull”, “The Last Garrison” and “Sorry, You’re Not a Winner”, in just seven minutes! At that moment there was a slight disappointment on my part that I would have loved to listen to these songs whole, but especially the last one which marked my teenage years. Band and audience gave it all in the encore, starting with “System…”, which was accompanied by everyone’s voices like a poem and continuing with “…Meltdown” preparing us for the closure that was near, which lead to another highlight of the evening. Reynolds’ solid vocals and their unbridled energy, with Clewlow literally playing the guitar while he was in the audience, was an awesome experience.

Aggeliki Papaioannou

photos by Dimitris Kokkinogenis


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