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On a recent evening at the Temple venue, anticipation filled the air as we gathered to witness Greek band Empty Frame unveil their latest album, “Underdogs”, in a live setting. Imagine our surprise when we saw that the stage was set with not only the usual rock ensemble, but also the presence of a cello and a violin.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

As the lights dimmed, Empty Frame took to the stage, each member assuming their respective positions. The drummer, the guitarist, the bassist/vocalist, the cellist/vocalist and the violinist formed a unique ensemble, promising a performance that would go beyond the boundaries of traditional rock concerts. From the opening notes of “Come Undone”, it was clear that Empty Frame was in their element, very focused, very inspired. The fusion of classical instruments with the band’s heavy rock sound created a mesmerizing sonic landscape – the extended use of the cello and the violin added layers of complexity and depth to the music, elevating each composition to new heights of intricacy and emotion. Throughout the performance, Empty Frame’s influences from 70s rock icons such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, and early ELO shone through, infusing their original compositions with a sense of nostalgia and reverence. Yet, despite these echoes of the past, Empty Frame managed to carve out their own distinct identity, blending classic rock sensibilities with a modern edge that felt both familiar and refreshing. “Underdogs” unfolded before our eyes and it became clear that experiencing the album live was a unique experience. Each song took on a new life on stage, with the band’s dynamic energy and impassioned delivery breathing new meaning into every chord, into every riff.  As the final notes of “Underdogs” reverberated through the venue, the crowd erupted into applause – but Empty Frame wasn’t finished yet. As a special treat for the attendees, they delved into their older songs, offering a glimpse into their musical evolution and the journey that had brought them to this moment.

In conclusion, Empty Frame’s live concert to present “Underdogs” was extraordinary—a celebration of heavy music that truly transcended genres! With their unique blend of rock, art rock and classical influences, Empty Frame’s future looks brighter than ever. My God, what can we expect from this band in the near future?


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