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Cyanide 4 recently unveiled their latest album, “Amalgama”, which captivated my attention with its compelling sound. Now, fueled by the release of this record, the band has embarked on a series of concerts. The eagerly awaited rendezvous between Cyanide 4 and their fans in Athens took place on February 24th, 2024, at the venue of Remedy Live Stage. Here we will delve into our reflections and impressions from that unforgettable evening.

by Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri (@irokalligeriphotography)

Upon our early arrival at Remedy, we found ourselves amidst the sound check, swiftly securing our comfortable seats within the venue. The stage was soon graced by Betrayed Dots, the chosen supporting act for Cyanide 4. Hailing from Greece, this cover band wasted no time in launching into their set, much to the delight of the steadily growing audience. Their setlist comprised an eclectic mix of rock, hard rock and alternative rock covers, spanning from Nirvana to Led Zeppelin. The quartet was buoyed by the presence of a dynamic and fervent frontwoman, whose impassioned delivery of the hits drew the crowd in. Despite any imperfections, her commanding vocals and magnetic stage presence successfully endeared Betrayed Dots to the audience, eliciting enthusiastic applause. It was evident that each attendee was thoroughly enjoying the opening act, which left us primed for the eagerly anticipated performance of the headliners.

Without hesitation, Cyanide 4 stormed onto the stage with an air of ferocity and confidence. The hard rock/glam metal ensemble was clearly in high spirits, poised to ignite a raucous celebration with the audience. Cyanide 4 took command of the spotlight, focusing on delivering a set of original compositions spanning not only from their latest album but also from their previous releases. Their sonic assault was both potent and precise, with a clarity that reverberated throughout the venue. Each member of the band poured their heart and soul into the gig, led by their charismatic singer/guitarist who emerged as the undisputed frontman. His vocals soared flawlessly while his guitar prowess was awe-inspiring. The drummer, displaying boundless energy, propelled the rhythm section with frenetic precision, while the bassist anchored the band’s sound. The second guitarist, showcasing remarkable skill, solidified his place within Cyanide 4 with every electrifying riff. Despite encountering technical glitches with the drum set, Cyanide 4 remained unfazed, delivering a live triumph. Their set culminated in a rendition of “Youth Gone Wild” (Skid Row), inciting a frenzy of cheers and demands for an encore. Cyanide 4 had undeniably captivated everyone present with their electrifying live show.

The night drew to a close and we all understood why there is such a buzz for Cyanide 4. Their live show was excellent, the whole experience was priceless and we are looking forward to the band’s new full-length release! No sleep ‘til then!

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