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Last weekend Typhus, Exarsis and Bio-Cancer attacked Athens at the Temple with full force and showed no mercy! It was a triumphant convergence of thrash metal inferno, an unforgettable night of relentless thrash metal by three of the best Greek bands of the genre. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as metalheads gathered, ready to immerse themselves in a music onslaught that would echo through the halls of time.

The cannons of destruction begun with Typhus, a speed/thrash metal juggernaut that set the stage ablaze with unbridled ferocity. The crowd, a congregation of fervent metal enthusiasts, was immediately thrust into the maelstrom of furious vocals, thunderous percussion, and razor-sharp guitar work. Typhus delivered an unapologetic display of raw power, acting as the catalyst for what would be an electrifying night.

Following Typhus, Exarsis seized the baton, demonstrating technical skills amid the thrash metal mayhem. The intricate tapestry of shredding guitars, lightning-fast drumming and precision bass lines unfolded like a musical labyrinth. Leader of this fierce aggression was Nick J. Tragakis, the frontman of Exarsis, who shocked us with his high-pitched singing and theatrical stage acting! The audience, caught in a deadly web, responded with a surge of energy, the mosh pit igniting in a kinetic dance of controlled chaos.

As the night reached its zenith, Bio-Cancer took center stage, unleashing a contagion of thrash metal hellfire. The amalgamation of versatile, brutal vocals, death/black metal riffing and relentless percussion created an intoxicating cocktail that coursed through the veins of every attendee. The mosh pit, now a windy storm of bodies in a frenzied dance, mirrored the infectious energy of Bio-cancer’s performance. The band’s thrash metal tornado was based on its new album, “Revengeance”, which sounded so good to our ears.

As the final chords reverberated through the venue, it was clear that this concert transcended the ordinary. Typhus, Exarsis, and Bio-Cancer had not only showcased their individual talent but collectively orchestrated a symphony of metal mastery. The mosh pit, an expression of the unbridled passion of the fans, stood as a living monument to a night etched in Greek thrash metal history.

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

photos by Iro Kalligeri


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