Trivium don’t need any introductions. Since long now, they have proved their quality, their talent and their skills as a metal band, which is evolving through time and always presents something special. Their latest album, titled “In The Court of The Dragon”, isn’t an exception! The acclaimed American band has offered us again a great album, which every fan of inspired, well-arranged and well-produced heavy metal should listen to. “In The Court of The Dragon” has everything a metalhead would require from a major release – here you will find monster riffs, flaming guitar solos, a rhythm section, which serves each song as a wall of sound, brutal vocals combined with an emotional clean voice, melodic hooks that hit to the point and passion. A lot of passion! Trivium are in their best shape, they kick asses with their mature and strong compositions, which – all nine of them- will please all demanding ears. The title track of the album, “Like A Sword Over Damocles”, “A Crisis of Revelation”, “No Way Back Just Through”, “The Phalanx” etc. are ideal modern metal songs, which will bring a smile on your face – and without a doubt, the touching ballad “The Shadow of the Abattoir” will send shivers down your spine! Somewhere between thrash metal, metalcore and melodic death metal, Trivium have developed a unique sound and they are making beautiful heavy metal art. “In The Court of The Dragon” is a killer album and Matt Heafy and co. should be proud of it. Congratulations, guys!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos