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Lovelorn Dolls, the gothic/synth rock duo from Brussels, Belgium, comes back to the spotlight, this time not with a new release, but with a video of an older song. The video is for the track “Happy Valentine”, originally featured on the band’s second album, “Japanese Robot Invasion” (2014). Unveiling this new video, we taste again the wonderful gothic rock/metal proposal of Lovelorn Dolls and remember how they first garnered acclaim. “Happy Valentine” is a great gothic/synth rock composition, which combines the sound of Lacuna Coil and Evanescence with alt rock and industrial rock. With a catchy main melody, an arresting arrangement and lush instrumentation, Lovelorn Dolls impress the listeners and give us moments of excellent gothic artistry. The juxtaposition of synth layers and sharp guitar parts haunts your mind and the vocals of Kristell Lowagie catch your attention like a hook. The melancholic atmosphere embraces you and the crisp production makes the message even stronger. It’s an iconic track, and this video release helps younger fans learn better some aspects of the gothic/synth rock history. Closing, we must note down that, with a significant gesture, Lovelorn Dolls directs all profits from Bandcamp downloads of the single toward supporting CVFE (Collective against Family Violence and Exclusion), a Belgian association dedicated to combating domestic violence. This video is the best way for listeners, both old and new ones, to rejoice with the haunting sound of Lovelorn Dolls. They wish us “Happy Valentine” and win our admiration! I am looking forward to listening to their next studio work!

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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