by MythofRock

Onceweresixty, the indie rock trio hailing from Italy, is about to captivate listeners with their latest album, “Loco Sunset Boulevard/Ghetto Blast Noize Machine”. In a musical landscape saturated with mediocrity, Onceweresixty emerges as a beacon of originality and brilliance, delivering a collection of songs that are enchanting. From the first notes of the album, it becomes apparent that Onceweresixty has crafted something truly special. The warmth and clarity of their sound envelop the listener like a comforting embrace, drawing them into a world of melody, rhythm and emotion. Each of the nine songs on the album is a masterclass in songwriting, with big hooks and evocative lyrics that haunt the mind long after the music has stopped. Throughout “Loco Sunset Boulevard/Ghetto Blast Noize Machine”, Onceweresixty displays a remarkable command of their instruments, effortlessly weaving together layers of guitar, bass, and drums to create a rich tapestry of sound. Their velvet voices soar over the music, delivering lyrics that are at once introspective, touching on various themes. What sets Onceweresixty apart from their peers is their ability to evoke emotion with every note they play. Whether it’s the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar or the loud pounding of the drums, each song on the album is imbued with a sense of passion and sincerity that is impossible to ignore. “Loco Sunset Boulevard/Ghetto Blast Noize Machine” has the ability to transport listeners to another world. As the music washes over you, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve been whisked away to a cozy fireside on a cold evening, or a tranquil beach beside the blue sea. It’s music that allows you to forget about the troubles of the world and lose yourself in its mesmerizing soundscape. With their impeccable musicianship, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious melodies, Onceweresixty have crafted an album that is sure to stand the tests of time. “Loco Sunset Boulevard/Ghetto Blast Noize Machine” is a musical gift to all who have the pleasure of listening to it!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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