by MythofRock

Otherwordly Things, the NYC rock outfit, has unleashed a whirlwind of sound with their latest EP, “Heavy Dream Cycle”. This 5-track release is nothing short of a hard-hitting rock n’ roll onslaught, a no-nonsense barrage of raw energy and unadulterated passion that leaves listeners breathless and hungry for more. From the moment the EP kicks off, it’s clear that Otherwordly Things knows how to command attention. Each track is a fine rock composition, showcasing the band’s technical prowess, finesse, and unbridled enthusiasm for the genre. The vocal lines are infectious, compelling listeners to sing along, while the driving beat and searing guitars create a sonic landscape that is impossible to resist. What sets Otherwordly Things apart is their ability to seamlessly blend elements from a wide range of influences into something that feels fresh and exciting. While their sound is firmly rooted in the traditions of classic rock, alt rock and punk rock, there’s a sense of innovation and originality that runs through each track. It’s rock music from another world, where the boundaries of genre are blurred and anything is possible. Each song hits with the force of a sledgehammer, leaving listeners exhilarated and craving more. Otherwordly Things may not offer anything revolutionary, but what they do offer is a good time. “Heavy Dream Cycle” is a triumph for Otherwordly Things and a must-listen for rock enthusiasts everywhere. So crank up the volume, stomp your feet, and let Otherwordly Things take you on a journey through the wild and wonderful cosmos of rock music.

♦ 8,5/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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