by MythofRock

Kraut rock/post-punk duo Circolo Vizioso emerges and stands apart from the rest with its debut album, “Verrückt”. Defined by a fusion of high-intensity rhythms, poignant lyrics and an exceptional combination of electric violin, guitar, and drums, this offering is showcases the duo’s fearless experimentation and raw musical talent. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, including the raw energy of 1990s American post-punk icons like Fugazi and Sonic Youth, the gritty aesthetics of 80s-90s Eastern German and Eastern European punk bands and the hypnotic grooves of 70s kraut rock, Circolo Vizioso crafts a sound that defies easy categorization. “Verrückt” is a sonic collage, seamlessly blending these influences into a cohesive, yet unpredictable, sonic amalgam. At the core of the album lies the captivating interplay between the electric violin, guitar and drums. The violin, in particular, takes center stage, adding a layer of haunting melody and finesse to the band’s abrasive sound. What is more, the vocals have a strong punk character. Tracks like “Choppy”, “Walls” and “Hauser” are a proof of Circolo Vizioso’s ability to craft infectious grooves that stick to the brain. Each track on “Verrückt” is a mesmerizing venture in its own right, inviting the listener to immerse themselves fully in the duo’s rich world of sound. But what is most impressive about Circolo Vizioso and its first full-length album is the sheer sense of innovation. The duo fearlessly pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of post-punk, creating music that feels both fresh and timeless. It’s an album that rewards repeated listens, revealing new layers of complexity and nuance with each spin. To sum up, “Verrückt” is a triumph of experimentation and creativity. With its potent blend of influences, electrifying performances and unbridled passion, listening to Circolo Vizioso’s debut album is an experience to be savored, cherished and revisited time after time.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos

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